Nvidia (NVDA) was founded in Santa Clara, California, in 1993, and was primarily a silicon chip company specializing in graphics processing. In recent years, the company has positioned itself as a leader in visual computing, targeting gaming, visualization, datacenter, and automotive markets. Its stock has seen big upward trends riding the wave of interest in cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence.

Key Takeaways

  • Nivida is a global silicon chip manufacturer, focusing on video graphics cards, or GPUs.
  • Most of the insider shareholders are held by its founder and other key executives.
  • With 67% institutional ownership, large investors like Vanguard, Blackrock, and State Street own a majority of outstanding shares.

Nvidia's Business

The company reports two main segments: GPUs (graphic processing units), a variety of which is aimed at gamers, designers and data scientists; and Tegra, an integrated solution combining GPUs and multi-core CPUs in one processor, which is used in entertainment devices, drones, cars and for online gaming.

As of 2019, the company had some 10,000 employees and reported over $9.7 billion in revenue in fiscal 2018. Below are the top individual shareholders of Nvidia Corporation.

Jen-Hsun Huang

Jen-Sun Huang—who goes by Jensen Huang—founded the company in 1993 and serves as President and CEO of Nvidia. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University and Stanford University, respectively. Prior to establishing Nvidia, Huang worked for the chip manufacturer LSI Logic Corporation and a semiconductor company named Advanced Microdevices Inc.

According to SEC filings dated Q2 2019, Huang directly owns 1.375 million shares of Nvidia along with 20.45 million shares held indirectly through trusts. His total shareholding of around 22 million shares gives him control over 3.8% of the company.

Ajay Puri

Ajay K. Puri—known as Jay Puri—joined Nvidia in 2005 and currently serves in the role of Executive Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations. He owns 250,000 shares of the company, as of his 2Q19 SEC filing.

Puri is leading global sales and regional marking for the entire line of Nvidia products. Before joining the company, he held the role of vice president of Asia Pacific Group at Sun Microsystems, where he also served in other general management, sales, and marketing roles over the course of 22 years.

Puri holds an M.B.A. degree from Harvard, M.S. in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology and B.S. in the same field from the University of Minnesota.

Colette Kress 

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer Colette Kress joined the company in September 2013. Prior to Nvidia, she was a senior vice president and CFO of the Business Technology and Operations Finance organization at Cisco.

Before that, Kress served in corporate planning and finance roles in Microsoft, including the position of CFO of the Server and Tools division. Colette Kress graduated from Southern Methodist University with an M.B.A. and holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Arizona.

She owns 242,000 shares of Nvidia Corporation according to a 2Q19 SEC filing.

Institutional Shareholders

As of 2Q19, institutional shareholders represented two-thirds of Nividia's stock ownership. According to SEC filings, the following are the Top 5 institutional shareholders at the time, along with the number of shares held out of a total float of 412,237,456 shares outstanding.

  1. Vanguard Group, Inc.: 45,462,828
  2. FMR LLC: 44,601,350
  3. Blackrock, Inc.: 38,142,285
  4. State Street Corp.: 24,204,822
  5. Price T Rowe Associates, Inc.: 14,314,477