Warren Buffett is consistently one of the wealthiest people in the world, coming in with a net worth of $69.2 billion in 2015. This makes him the third-richest person in the world currently. Buffett keeps his net worth predominantly in Berkshire Hathaway stock, the investment company he founded. Berkshire Hathaway acts as his investment vehicle and invests in such things as equities, real estate and renewable energy investments.

However, Buffett came from modest beginnings, which has shaped the way he views money management. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1930, and the town has been his home ever since. Working as an investment salesman, he had a knack for investing and eventually built Berkshire Hathaway into the company it is today. He still lives in the home he purchased in 1958 for $31,500.

Berkshire Hathaway

The largest portion of Buffett's net worth is kept in shares of Berkshire Hathaway. He owns 350,000 class A shares of the company and roughly 2 million class B shares. Berkshire Hathaway class A shares are consistently priced well over $100,000, making Buffett's A shares worth billions. His class B shares are estimated at a total of over $285 million.

Buffett's net worth was a mere $1 million when he was 30, consisting largely of Berkshire Hathaway stock. Through smart institutional investments, he increased the company's stock from $7.60 in the 1960s to today's level. This exponential increase in share price is the main driver of Buffett's increase in net worth over the past decades.

Mature Equities

In addition to acting as the president of Berkshire Hathaway and being one of its largest shareholders, Buffett uses the company as his main investment vehicle, conducting many of his equity sales and purchases as business transactions. This portfolio makes up the lion's share of his equity investments.

The investor is well-known for his income and value approaches to investing, and his portfolio reflects his ideology. As of the third quarter of 2015, Buffett, together with Berkshire Hathaway, is most heavily invested in Wells Fargo, Kraft Heinz and Coca-Cola. Combined, these three companies make up more than 48% of his equity holdings.

As a percentage of equity investments, Buffett is most heavily invested in the financial sector at 35%, followed by 17% in the consumer goods sector and 12% in the technology sector. Other notable sectors where Buffett keeps his money are industrial goods, health care and basic materials.

Renewable Energy

Buffett has invested a reported $15 billion in solar wind and energy, and he has made commitments to invest another $15 billion over the long term. This would bring his total investments in renewable energy to $30 billion over his lifetime.

Through Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has made sizable investments in energy companies ConocoPhillips and Phillips 66. The ConocoPhillips investment was made in 2014 at the peak of gas prices, making the subsequent fall in prices devalue the company. The investment in Phillips 66, on the other hand, was made with more prudence, with Buffett investing 10% into the $4.5 billion company.

Real Estate Brokerage

As recent as November 2015, Buffett committed additional capital to help build the largest collection of high-end real estate agencies in the country. Through Berkshire Hathaway's real estate brokerage arm, HomeServices of America, Buffett is purchasing a number of brokerage offices.

With the most recent purchase of a Dallas, Texas brokerage firm, he brings his number of real estate agents to over 26,000, with 480 offices in 27 states. The most recent acquisition alone adds an estimated $1.5 billion in volume to Buffett's existing real estate business.

However, the current largest brokerage in the United States has an average sales volume of $156 billion. To achieve his goal of building the largest collection of high-end real estate agencies in the U.S., Buffett would need to invest money in his company so that it can eventually top more than $160 billion in annual revenue.

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