For pop culture fanatics, the Kardashian-Jenner clan is often synonymous with reality shows and celebrity magazine fodder, but one member of the family is fast emerging as a successful business woman. Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of the clan and the daughter of Kris Jenner, has launched a cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics with a line of lipsticks.

In an interview with Elle Canada in November, Kylie states, "I remember telling my mom a year ago that I wanted to do some acting, and she said, 'Kylie, you're a businesswoman.' Now I feel like I'm getting there. I don't know, I just love doing new things...I'm a mini-businesswoman!" Currently, it looks like the 'mini-businesswoman', is making some pretty big moves. 

According to Elle magazine, four of the six lipsticks released sold out in eight minutes and in ten minutes, all six sold out. The shades have unique names such as True Brown K and Dolce K, with one color inspired by Kylie's half-sister Khloe Kardashian. Online retailers, perhaps, also had a role to play in its popularity too. Jenner’s lip kits were on eBay Inc. (EBAY) before the sale ended with starting bids as high as $225, a leap compared to the $29 retail price. The least popular lipstick shade True Brown even sold for $68. In a move that could be considered good PR, Jenner urged her fans to avoid buying the kits at the jacked up prices from outside vendors. And her lip kits' success repeated itself on Dec. 14, 2015, when the restocked lip kits sold out in two minutes.

Complete Fashion, an industry publication, touted the 18-year-old as a “teen entrepreneur.” However, is the Kardashian brand enough to create a cosmetics empire, or are there other ingredients behind Kylie's success?

It appears that Jenner’s success is in part due to her marketing genius.

For the launch of the lipstick line, Jenner went through a merry-go-round of interviews with a vast range of media from WWD to Bustle to PerezHilton. When Jenner speaks to the press, she tends to share just enough information to entice her followers and the media to come back and find out more.

She has been using social media platforms to build her brand and capitalizing on the widespread use of mobile devices to create a buzz. 

In October 2015, she used the photo platform Instagram to hint that she would be releasing a lipstick line. She then posted a picture of herself modeling off various lipstick shades on her official Instagram account.

Then, in January 2016, she hinted that she would be releasing new lipstick shades in time for Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 4, a day before she released the new lipsticks, she asked fans to check her Instagram for the details on Feb. 5.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Facebook page has 1.1 million likes and a steady update of photos of fans, Jenner herself, and celebrities like Demi Lovato wearing the lipstick. Jenner is now expanding the line and on March 1 she will launch a nail polish line called “King Kylie SinfulShine,” with 20 shades. Two more collections will be released in April and May. 

In addition to marketing her cosmetics via Instagram, Jenner has an official app for both iPhone and Android, which features exclusive images and videos, which often promote her various products. 

Jenner recently collaborated with established brands to give her brand more mileage. Most recently, in February, the German shoe, and sportswear company Puma confirmed that they signed a $1 million contract to retain Jenner as a spokeswoman.

According to OK, Jenner's net worth is $5 million as of late 2015.

The Bottom Line

A review of Jenner’s latest projects shows she is fastly expanding her brand. The brand appears to include her older sister Kendall too. As far back as 2012, she and Kendall partnered with the clothing company PacSun and launched a clothing line for teenage girls.

Most recently they launched their own contemporary fashion line Kendall + Kylie and went on a media circuit to model their fashion line.

The clothing line is mid-range to high-end and launched at retail stores Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, Shopbop, and Revolve in February 2016.

Jenner seems to be capitalizing on the wide range of styles that young women seek from girl next door to the more sensual.

“It has been both of our dreams to be able to share our inspiration with our fans. There’s a lot of range – outfits you can wear every day, nighttime looks and some surprise statement pieces as well,” Jenner said in a statement.




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