Today, 3/14 is Pi Day. Pi, aka π, is the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and the symbolic representation of a circle's circumference to its diameter. In celebration of Pi Day, the Grand Traverse Pie Company is serving free pie with any purchase, and if you're lucky — and a bit creative — you might win free pie for a year.

Are There Other Commercial Uses of Pi?

Sure. One day you can use it to prevent the human race from being destroyed by robots. Pi played a role in a famous episode from the original Star Trek ("Wolf in the Fold"), in which Spock got an ill-behaving computer to implode by asking it, "Compute to the last digit, the value of pi." Which led the computer to shout "No no no NO," as often happens in real life: 

Can Pi Make You Rich?

Well, one conceit of modern math mythology is that the infinite string of numbers that follows 3.14 contains secrets of the universe. The premise of at least one film – Darren Aronofsky's Pi (1998) – postulated that a hidden pattern in the numbers could either reveal the true name of God and/or make you the best stochastic modeler of all time, or something, and thus unstoppable on Wall Street. 

Can Pi Save You Money? Today It Can.

Here are some of the best Pi deals:

Blaze Pizza is offering $3.14 pizzas today.

Grand Traverse Pie Company is giving away free slices of ABC (Apples, Blueberry and Cherry) pie with any purchase. You can also win free pie for a year by joining the 3rd annual video competition

At Whole Foods you can save $3.14 on all large bakery pies, and save $3.14 on all large take-and-bake pizzas today.

The vast majority of Pi deals are hyper-local, however, so you may wish to consult the Pi Deals Twitter hashtag to find the many one-day specials that are likely available in your area.