UBS Asset Management is the global investment management arm of UBS Group AG (UBS), the Swiss banking and financial services giant. UBS Asset Management delivers a comprehensive set of investment services primarily for institutional investors including insurance companies, public and private pension plans, charities, and financial advisors, as well as some individual investors. It also offers dedicated investment, advisory and training services to central banks and other government agencies.

The firm employs a global network of approximately 3,600 investment professionals and client service specialists located in 23 countries, maintaining major investment offices in 10 financial hubs in North America, Europe and Asia. As of June 2018, UBS Asset Management has  $817.6 billion in total assets under management.

UBS' Investment Approach

UBS Asset Management is positioned as an independent operating unit within UBS Group, focused on delivering innovative strategies across a broad range of traditional and alternative asset classes, investment styles and geographic regions. The firm employs a boutique investment model, empowering individual teams to specialize in narrow investment areas and develop unique approaches to achieving client objectives. It also maintains dedicated client service teams to inform, discuss and debate investment strategies over time, ensuring UBS is always attuned to a client's risk profile, time horizon and investment objectives.

Product Overview

UBS Asset Management offers a full variety of equity investment strategies, including both actively managed and passive options. Active strategies cover global, regional and national areas and include a wide range of market capitalizations. Standard index-tracking portfolios are also available, as are passive, rule-driven smart beta strategies. The structured beta and indexing team offers strategies based on a variety of published indexes, as well as customized benchmarks built to fulfill client needs.

In fixed income investments, UBS Asset Management offers a variety of global, regional and country strategies. Sector strategies are also available, including structured credit, municipal, high-yield and emerging market debt strategies, among others. UBS Asset Management's multi-asset strategies are designed to meet investor objectives by managing a portfolio across equities, fixed income investments and other asset classes. Options include total return strategies, income strategies and global tactical asset allocation strategies.

In alternative investments, UBS Asset Management offers single-manager hedge funds through its O'Connor subsidiary and fund-of-funds strategies through its UBS Hedge Fund Solutions subsidiary. Other subsidiaries offer country, regional and global real estate investment strategies and investment options in private equity and global infrastructure.

Executive Leadership

Ulrich Körner has served as president of UBS Asset Management since 2014 and president of the Europe, Africa and Middle East regions for UBS Group since 2011. He also serves as a member of the UBS Group executive board, which he joined in 2009. Körner previously served as UBS Group chief operating officer (COO) from 2009 to 2013. Prior to joining UBS Group, Körner held several leadership positions at Credit Suisse Group AG (CS), including stints as chief investment officer CIO and chief financial officer (CFO). Körner holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland.