Before it was home to Trump's broadsides, Kim's selfies, ISIS' propaganda, Kanye's um … and Investopedia's invaluable insights, Twitter Inc. (TWTR) was just an apple in Jack Dorsey's eye. On this day ten years ago he, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass founded a company that initially, as The First Tweet attests, lacked its grown-up capital and vowel:

Twitter's come a long way since then. As of the end of 2015, it had 320 million active users. In the final three months of that year, it generated $710 million in revenue. It's never generated an annual profit, though, unless you go by its "adjusted" earnings, which employ the kind of bespoke accounting that's all too common in Silicon Valley. AND While it is still growing in terms of monthly active users, that growth has trailed off, falling from 20% in the last quarter of 2014 to 9% a year later.

Investors expected more. The company priced its shares at $26 on November 6, 2013, the night before its IPO, and the first trade cleared at $45.10 per share. The stock would close at $44.90. As it marks the end of its first decade, shares are trading at $16.84. 

This performance has led to uncomfortable questions about the viability of Twitter's business model. Even before it went public, commentators were suggesting that perhaps it should go the Wikipedia route and remake itself as a non-profit. A valiant effort is underway to save Twitter as a (theoretically) for-profit business. Dick Costolo resigned as CEO in July 2015, with Dorsey stepping into the role on an interim – and then permanent – basis.

A tweak to the algorithm has turned the main page from a pure timeline into something more like Facebook Inc.'s (FB) newsfeed, with certain content appearing higher up. The 140-character limit was removed from direct messages, leading to speculation that it would be scrapped for public tweets. Dorsey confirmed Friday morning the limit would stay.

Whatever happens to Twitter as a business, though, the platform itself is probably here to stay. Its role not just in pop culture, but in subverting oppressive regimes' attempts to quash dissent, is such that it would be a shame to lose. #HappyBirthdayTwitter

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