Early this morning, reports from the Ethereum virtual currency community circulated globally: The much-touted DAO Ethereum exchange--which benefited from the most successful crowdfunding campaign in history--is under hacker attack. The Ethereum ledgers show that over 3.6 million ether (the Ethereum unit) have been siphoned off by a single account have been compromised. The value of the hacked ether is approximately $60 million (though the exchange rate is tanking). And that's just so far. Here is a real-time ledger of the hacker's transactions: https://live.ether.camp/account/304a554a310C7e546dfe434669C62820b7D83490

Here is a screenshot taken at around 7:30 am EST (GMT-4)

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin himself has ordered: "Pause ether, DAO trading" on an Ethereum subreddit. In other words, stop withdrawals and deposits:


<DAO ATTACK> Exchanges please pause ETH and DAO trading, deposits and withdrawals until further notice. More info will be forthcoming ASAP. from ethereum

Ether's value plummeted 20% on the news.

Buterin was quick to point out that he has no affiliation with the DAO.

As for the DAO team, they claimed via Reddit that "Ethereum is perfectly safe." Only the DAO is affected. Furthermore, per the DAO protocol, the hacker cannot withdraw the funds for 27 days.



Critical update RE: DAO Vulnerability from ethereum

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