Altaba, Inc. (AABA) may seem unfamiliar, but its former branding was previously one of the world's largest publicly traded companies: Yahoo, Inc. Founded in 1994 by two engineering students who were studying at Stanford University at the time, Yahoo was most known for its homepage that provided access to news, entertainment and financial information for the internet community. 

In 2017, Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ) purchased the company from Yahoo shareholders for $4.48 billion [1]. Yahoo, Inc. was renamed Altaba, and registered as an investment company because its assets mainly consisted of equity investments, short-term debt investments, and cash. [2]

But, that didn't mean that Yahoo's famed web portal disappeared. That, too, rebranded after merging with AOL, which Verizon purchased for $4.4 billion in 2015. [3] The merged entity lives on as Oath, Inc. and serves as the umbrella company for Verizon's various digital media properties. [4]

Oath houses four divisions of brands: Content Brands, Communities, Utilities and Communication, and Advertising and Distribution. 

Here are four brands that sit under Oath, one from each division:

Content Brands


The internet newspaper was founded in 2005 by Arianna Huffington, an author, syndicated columnist, and businesswoman. It operates newsrooms and editions in 16 countries. [7] Huffington sold the news and opinion website to AOL in 2011 for $315 million. [8]



The company provides opportunities for women in any field, from coding to science, to fashion to music, to develop a career powered by technology. The company facilitates visits with tech companies, internships, and mentorship all designed to set young women on their professional path. [6] According to the Oath site, to date BuiltBy Girls has reached 10,000 women. 

Utilities and Communication

Yahoo! Mail 

Yahoo! Mail has survived since launching in 1997 and still exists with a few of the other Yahoo brands (like Yahoo!, Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo! Weather), despite living under Altaba. Oath says Yahoo! Mail has 225 million users. While Yahoo Messenger will likely soon disappear, Oath believes Yahoo! Mail will continue to grow. In June 2018, the announcement came of two new versions of it, for the mobile web and an app designed for Android Go. One of the targets is users who live in emerging markets countries. [9]

Advertising and Distribution


Flurry is a mobile analytics company founded in 2005. Oath says the company tracks 10 billion daily app users. In May 2015, the company launched FlurryPush, which allows app developers to send targeted messages to engage and keep users across Android and iOS. [10]

The Bottom Line

Yahoo's web portal still exists today, albeit having undergone a takeover and merger. Some of its brands continue to thrive under their retained names.