While some U.S. industries, such as textile manufacturing and newspaper publishing are declining, other industries are projected to grow significantly. According to a recent CareerBuilder study based on information from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, these 16 industries are projected to experience at least 15% employment growth rates and add a minimum of 10,000 jobs within the next five years.

1. Translation and Interpretation Services

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 12,401

Growth Percentage: 36%

As a result of international trade and an increasingly diverse U.S. population, there’s demand for people who can translate oral and written communication from one language to another.

2. Specialty Hospitals (except Psychiatric and Substances Abuse)

Number of Jobs Added By 2019: 60,696

Growth Percentage: 29%

Specialty hospitals focus on a particular segment of the population, such as children’s hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, and cardiovascular hospitals. These specialty hospitals are in-demand because they can provide expertise at a lower cost, and include various types of medical positions that have been cited as the some of the best healthcare jobs.

3. Residential Remodeling Services

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 148,250

Growth Percentage: 26%

Nationwide, homeowners are spending record amounts on remodeling their homes, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies. Between exterior replacements, interior replacements, property improvements and system upgrades, there will be a huge demand for workers who can provide remodeling services.

4. Home Health Care Services

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 332,783

Growth Percentage: 25%

As baby boomers get older, they are choosing to live at home as long as possible, fueling the demand for workers who can help them perform daily tasks, administer medications, and assist with doctor’s appointments.

5. Wine and Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 19,322

Growth Percentage: 25%

Sales of distilled liquor are booming, and the number of breweries has also increased, creating a favorable environment for workers in the wine and distilled alcoholic beverage merchant wholesalers industry. 

6. Electronic Shopping

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 43,519

Growth Percentage: 23%

More Americans are choosing to shop online, based on ease of convenience and almost unlimited choices, causing the electronic shopping industry to grow much faster than the rest of the retail sector.   

7. Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019:: 13,232

Growth Percentage: 22%

Animal rights and welfare organizations, as well as environmental advocacy and wildlife preservations associations, contribute to the growth in this industry.

8. Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 93,738

Growth Percentage: 21%

Continuing care retirement communities include assisted living facilities, and retirement communities that provide meals and housekeeping services to meet the needs of a rapidly aging population. 

9. Marketing Consulting Services

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 55,142

Growth Percentage: 21%

This industry includes companies that provide consulting for marketing, marketing management, sales management, and new product development, all designed to help companies find and reach their target audiences.

10. Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, and Audiologists

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 75,379

Growth Percentage: 21%

The growing numbers of older patients who have suffered an injury, stroke or hearing loss have increased the need for specialists such as physical and speech therapists. Additionally, there is the need to assist young children who were born prematurely or suffered trauma.

11. Computer Systems Design Services

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 189,471

Growth Percentage: 21%

Technology is fueling the future, and companies need the services of those with the ability to design computer systems. As a result, computer systems design is one of the best tech jobs for years to come.

12. Portfolio Management

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 38,529

Growth Percentage: 18%

The complexity of the stock market has increased the number of individuals and companies seeking personal finance advisors and other business professionals who can offer investment advice and management services. 

13. Solid Waste Collection

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 24,200

Growth Percentage: 17%

Americans are generating more trash every year, increasing the demand for those in the business of collecting and transporting nonhazardous waste materials and recyclable materials, or operating waste transfer stations.  

14. Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 27,603

Growth Percentage: 17%

Newspaper and magazine readership is down as consumers turn to digital formats, such as websites, electronic books, and Internet broadcasting sites as their primary sources for information.

15. Exam Preparation and Tutoring

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 19,380

Growth Percentage: 17%

This industry, which includes academic tutoring services, college board preparation centers, and centers for remedial courses, is growing as a result of students – and their parents – trying to gain a competitive academic edge.

16. Nail Salons

Number of Jobs Expected to be Added By 2019: 22,173

Growth Percentage: 16%

According to NAILS Magazine, in 2012-2013, nail services accounted for a record $7.47 billion. In 2014, salon services grew by 12%, and the number of manicures, pedicures, and related services with continue to grow within the next few years.

The Bottom Line

While some industries are experiencing declines, these 16 industries are adding jobs faster than any of U.S. sector. Armed with this knowledge, readers can take the appropriate steps to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in one of these growing areas.