Buying or selling a home is always complicated, and for first-time buyers or sellers, it can be even more confusing. The internet seems to have a never-ending supply of information on the subject, but it can be hard to filter out quality advice from all of the noise. Below are some excellent podcasts, by top experts, to help you navigate the real estate world.

1. “Real Estate Today.”

Forbes listed this as a top podcast to listen to for buying or selling a home, and it’s easy to see why. Gil Gross, in association with the National Association of Realtors, hosts the podcast and discusses everything from home buying for millennials to the new closing rules. During a special segment called “The Winter Market," he addresses issues that arise during the winter that can affect selling or buying a home. Often sellers will take their homes off the market for the winter because of the holidays or because they have low expectations, but that low inventory of homes on the market is, in fact, an opportunity for a seller to find a buyer because of less competition. Gross suggest sellers see the winter months as a time to sell their home. 

2.'s Podcast

In episode 7 of the podcast produced by, Paul Sian, realtor at HER Realtors talks about the importance of staging and decoration when selling your home. He brings in Jo Potvin, owner of the staging company Design to Market Home Staging, who discusses design trends and how little tweaks can attract more buyers. She advises that something simple and overlooked, like curtains, can negatively affect a seller’s chances of finding a buyer. The idea is that staged homes with quality curtains and furnishings look polished and put the seller in a better position to negotiate the asking price. Listen to this podcast to hear advice on staging.

3. "The Consumerism Commentary Podcast"

The Consumerism Commentary Podcast is an excellent personal finance podcast hosted by former Wall Street Journal podcaster Tom Dziubek and veteran podcaster Jay Frosting. They cover an array of topics from income taxes to balancing a budget. Podcast Episode 136 deals specifically with becoming a landlord and is a good listen for anyone considering buying a home as an investment property to rent. In episode 136, Tom interviews Paula Pant, founder of “Afford Anything," who discusses what exactly to look for when buying these types of properties, issues to watch out for, and what to consider when renting.

4. "Zing!" By QuickenLoans

Many know QuickenLoans as the online platform to apply for mortgages. Zing! is their podcast site which offers impressive educational resources for the mortgage market. Episode 6 titled “Buying a Home, Understanding Mortgage Rates, and Learning Online” is a comprehensive starting point for anyone who does not have any experience in either direction for home buying or selling. The first twenty minutes of the podcast outlines common issues when buying and selling a home and offers advice on what to do with home inspections as well.

5. "Bigger Pockets"

The Bigger Pockets podcast touts itself as offering “real estate investing knowledge for investors by investors.” The show's hosts, Joshua Dorkin, the creator of real estate website and real estate investor Brandon Turner offer a step-by-step guide to buying your first real-estate investment. While the podcast is focused on real estate investors, first-time home buyers can gain a lot of useful insights on how to save for a home and when to buy vs. when to sell.