Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL, GOOG), is a holding company that is home to various Google companies and brands, such as Nest, Google Capital, Fiber, Calico, Google X and Google Ventures. The $1.5 trillion technology giant has seen shares gain about 3% year to date (YTD), as of Oct. 11, 2018. Both the A and C shares are reporting a three-year annualized return of about 18%.

The internet conglomerate is forecast to post full-year 2018 earnings per share (EPS) of $42.98 and full-year 2019 EPS of $54.17. Continued investment and allocation into strong growth areas of technology, such as cloud, mobile and smart technologies, is expected to continue Alphabet's strong earnings growth.

Despite being an internet technology company, Alphabet has a vast network of over 400 suppliers from around the world. Many of the company’s suppliers are based out of the United States, but suppliers come from all over.

Alphabet and its Google businesses have a commitment to its supplier network, establishing standards and codes for its business dealings with these companies. Analyzing the supplier network can provide insight into some of Alphabet's future business operations, higher-priority businesses and supply costs. Below are three of the company's top suppliers in 2018.


Nvidia has a market cap of $152,462 million. The two companies are partnering on the NVIDIA and Google Cloud platform. Across the market, Nvidia has been a top performer with a stock price gain of 23.67% in 2018.


Accenture has a market cap of $104,422 million. Its primary line of supply is digital technology and operational services. In July 2018 the two companies announced a business partnership called Accenture Google Cloud Business Group (AGBG).


Qualcomm is a U.S. company with a market cap of $98,380 million. The company is focused on digital technology and technology product manufacturing. In May 2018 Google and Qualcomm announced Project Treble, to support operating system awareness and integration. Qualcomm is also a supplier to Google’s artificial reality headset, Google’s smartwatch and Google Pixel.