Donald Trump lauds himself as being a great businessman, and has emerged as the Republican candidate for the 2016 general election to become President of the United States. The "Trump" brand has been bestowed by its namesake with power, luxury and greatness. However, perhaps cracks are beginning to show in this otherwise gilded marque.

His populist rants that advocate racism and xenophobia, while gaining him discouraged voters in some parts of America, has been causing others to boycott his many hotels, and these boycotts seem to be working. According to a report issued by Hipmunk, an internet travel booking and data service, reservations at Trump-owned properties have plummeted by nearly 60% over the past year. (For more, see: An America With Donald Trump as President.)

Trump Hotel Bookings Slide

According to Hipmunk, before Trump announced his candidacy, his properties were commanding nearly a 2% share of all bookings recorded—quite a respectable piece of the market, considering Trump accommodations are typically high-end luxury, with rates exceeding $500 per night. A year later, however, that share has fallen to just 0.7%.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.18.39 PM

The travel site further singles out the individual hotels that have been hit the hardest: the Trump SoHo New York (down 74% year over year) and the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas (down 71% year over year). This, during a period when overall bookings have been otherwise stable in Las Vegas and New York City. (For more, see also: Donald Trump for President: What Are the Chances?)

The Bottom Line

Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric has gained him support with Republican voters, but at the same time his hotel business has suffered, with bookings falling nearly 60% from Q1 of 2015 to Q1 of 2016. Even if Trump wins the presidency, his hospitality ventures may continue to suffer, and if he loses his efforts to win the White House, they may suffer even more permanently as his reputation may become irreparably damaged.

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