Given the hype and glamor associated with the finance and technology industries, it is easy to assume that jobs in these industries are the best-paying ones. As a matter of fact, there are other jobs and other industries that pay as much, if not more. Glassdoor, a website where employees can post anonymous information about their job (such as reviews and salaries), published a blog post today that listed jobs with six-figure salaries or more. (Related: 25 Highest-Paying Jobs)

The jobs listed are not often mentioned in the list of career choices. For example, regional sales executive is a relatively unglamorous post and job title. But, according to the website, it earns a median pay of $103,500 and does not always require a college degree.  A drilling engineer is another unconventional and not so well-known choice for a profession. They work in the oil & gas industry and ensure that they all plans & practices for extraction of the compounds are safe. A drilling engineer earns a median pay of $116,500, with a median base salary of $106,680. 

Out of the 11 jobs listed in the post, nursing practitioners seems to be the most popular job with more than 6000 industry positions listed open on the site. With a median pay of $101,600, it is not the most lucrative job around but it has an extremely sunny outlook. Back in 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast that one million positions would open up in the industry between 2014 and 2022.  

The BLS has its own list of top-paying professions that was published in December of last year. Professionals from the medical field top that list, with physicians and surgeons the highest-paid professionals. Some of the professions in that list are also not so well-known in the highest-paid professions list. For example, anesthesiologists earn $187,200 or more in a year, according to the agency. With a median pay of $126,930, judges and magistrates also have earnings that are not too shabby.