Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) has become the darling of the U.S. airline industry (and its investors) since its inception in 1966. With a focus on commuter benefits, low airfares and efficient operations, it is known as one of the best airline companies in the entire industry.

While many airlines place heavier weight on amenities and comfort, Southwest Airlines has been a pioneer, with its commuter-focused business model that caters to people looking for quick, cheap and painless flights from point to point.

What specifically makes Southwest Airlines so great? What makes it the future, if not the present, of the U.S. airline industry? Find out why Southwest Airlines has been able to achieve consistent stock growth to become a leader in the U.S. airline industry.

Leveraging One Type of Plan Only

Many airlines offer a range of service and flight options, and have many different types of planes to meet that range of options. While this diversifies an airline's offerings, it also increases operating costs and dilutes the core messaging of the company.

Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, only uses one type of plane: the Boeing 737. This saves Southwest Airlines millions in yearly maintenance costs and other operating costs, allowing the company to offer low price solutions to its customers.

Gate-to-Gate Flight Paths

Southwest Airlines is one of the few U.S. airlines that focuses on point-to-point flights, meaning that most of its flights are nonstop direct to a customer's desired destination. This is in contrast to other airlines that focus on airport hubs, where customers are picked up from out-of-the-way airports and transported to a hub airport first, before catching a connecting flight to their desired destinations.

This has helped Southwest achieve 78% on-time performance, eight points higher than the industry average.

Simple Customer Service

Many airlines offer a range of amenities, such as first class, in-flight meals and a many drink options. Southwest Airlines, with its commitment to low-cost solutions, does not offer any of these amenities.

Instead, Southwest offers a single coach cabin that's slightly roomier than other airlines due to a lack of first-class space. While it offers free snacks and a complimentary drink, it doesn't offer the range of drinks and food that other airlines offer. This allows Southwest to clean and stock a plane quickly, getting it ready for an efficient turnaround.

No Hidden Fees

The airline industry is notorious for rising costs and low profitability. To combat this, many airline companies have slashed perks and increased fees, such as bag fees for checked bags. Rather than passing on costs to its customers, Southwest Airlines has kept costs down with efficient fuel management, minimal ticket price buckets and other solutions.

This allows Southwest Airlines to keep ticket costs down for its customers, who expect low-cost options.

Strong Management Team

Southwest Airlines has boasted one of the strongest management teams in the entire airline industry. From the original CEO Herb Kelleher to the present-day CEO, and all the way down the management team, Southwest Airlines has stayed true to its value proposition and the way it services its customers.

In 2001, Southwest Airlines generated 10 times more revenue per C-level executive than the average network carrier.

Great Place to Work

The aspect of Southwest Airlines that separates it from the competition is its focus on employee happiness, which trickles down to customer happiness. Southwest employees have some of the best benefits and compensation packages in the industry, and it shows.

While 87% of Southwest employees belong to a union, there has never been a union strike at Southwest Airlines. This is a testament to the type of work environment that's been cultivated at Southwest. This happiness can be seen in the way the employees treat customers, turning everyone into Southwest Airlines evangelists.

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