Bitcoin is a digital asset and payment system with approximately $9.1 billion in global circulation as of August 2016. It is considered by many to be the most successful and game-changing cryptocurrency ever created. The following list details who is investing in bitcoin, including five of the top investors in the overall bitcoin industry.

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen is the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz (along with Ben Horowitz), a private venture capital firm founded in 2009. The firm, based in Menlo Park, California, invests in technology companies and has over $4 billion in assets under management (AUM) as of August 2016. Andreessen is an entrepreneur and software engineer who was one of the main developers of one of the first popular web browsers, Mosaic. He is also the co-founder of Netscape and a board member of Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB). His firm is invested in two different bitcoin companies: Coinable, which is a bitcoin wallet company, and TradeBlock, a financial services company involved with bitcoin.

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Digital Currency Group. The company's mission is to accelerate the development of the global financial system, and it accomplishes this mission by building and supporting bitcoin and blockchain companies. The firm has invested in more than 75 bitcoin-related companies overall, as of August 2016, and is the world's leading firm for investing in bitcoin-related companies. In a recent transaction, Digital Currency Group acquired Coindesk, a leading source of bitcoin news, which runs the annual bitcoin industry conference.

Silbert's company also owns Genesis, a trading firm focused on digital currencies, and Grayscale, a company focused on digital currency investing. Silbert also started the Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC: GBTC), an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the price of bitcoin. It had approximately $143 million in assets under management (AUM) as of August 2016.

Blythe Masters

Blythe Masters is a former managing director at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM). Currently, she is the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings. The company builds encryption-based processing tools that improve the efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed of securities trading, specifically bitcoin. Digital Asset Holdings seeks to apply the blockchain technology to the typical activities of Wall Street. The company has raised $60 million in funding, and interestingly, its first client is J.P. Morgan Chase, which is testing the technology of blockchain to settle transactions more quickly. Many people think Masters gave bitcoin a lot of legitimacy with Digital Asset Holdings, considering her past reputation on Wall Street. Her company now has six offices on three continents.

David Rutter

David Rutter is the founder and CEO of R3, a financial innovation firm headquartered in New York that leads a consortium of more than 50 financial institutions. The overall goal of the company is to deliver advanced ledger technologies to the global financial markets. R3 focus on banks that are interested in using the bitcoin blockchain technology in their operations, and some very large and well-known banks are signing up.

Adam Back

Adam Back is the co-founder and president of Blockstream, a firm that seeks to develop new ways to accelerate innovations and usage of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Back is a unique player in the bitcoin world because he is the one who developed "hashcash," a previously existing system on which bitcoin is partially based. Hashcash is an algorithm that requires proof of work to cut down on certain types of spam. Bitcoin uses this idea in what is now known as bitcoin mining. Back's innovative company has amassed a large and powerful technology team and has raised over $76 million as of August 2016. As the company website notes, "Blockstream is the first company extending capabilities at the protocol level to support the application of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a broad range of asset types."

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