Whether you are a regular visitor to Disney’s theme parks or just a huge fan of Mickey Mouse, Disney offers two credit cards for you. The Disney Rewards Visa and the Disney Premier Visa Card offer Disney lovers many perks. While these cards might not be the best credit cards available, their included Disney perks are hard to find elsewhere for individuals who visit Disneyland or Disney World often.

Differences Between the Cards

The Rewards card and Premier card have a few notable differences, but the primary difference is the reward percentage and cost. The Rewards card offers 1% rewards and has $0 annual fee. The Premier card has a $49 annual fee and offers 2% rewards at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, and most Disney locations, and 1% for every other purchase. Currently, Disney also offers a $50 statement credit after your first purchase on the Rewards card and a $200 statement credit after you spend $500 in your first three months of opening the Premier card.

Another big difference between the two cards is that the Premier card allows cardholders to redeem reward dollars for a statement credit toward airline travel. This benefit is not available on the Rewards card.

Benefits of the Disney Rewards Visa and Disney Premier Visa Card

Besides the major differences noted above, the two cards share the same great benefits. Here is a list of the perks that cardholders can enjoy:

  • No limit of how many reward points you can earn.
  • No blackout dates for redeeming rewards.
  • Disney Meet ‘N’ Greet at private cardmember location and a free 5x7 photo.
  • 10% off select Disneyland and Disney World purchases of $50 or more.
  • 10% off select dining locations in Disneyland.
  • 0% financing on your Disney vacation for six months.
  • 20% off non-discounted of select tours at the parks.
  • 10% off purchases of $50 or more at DisneyStore.com and your local Disney store.
  • Special Star Wars perks, including an exclusive Star Wars Imperial Meet ‘N’ Greet and 10% off select Star Wars merchandise purchases of $50 or more at select locations at Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort.
  • Discounts and priority seating for Disney Broadway shows.
  • 10 card designs to choose from, including popular Disney and Star Wars characters.
  • The ability to purchase special card member-only character pins.

Both cards are also great to have if you want to get the best deal on your Disney vacation. Cardholders of either card are often allowed to purchase special discounted packages to Walt Disney World in advance. Some of these packages include the free Disney Dining Plan promotion, which can save you hundreds of dollars off your family vacation.

Many card members have also reported to receiving special multiplier rewards benefits throughout the year. These multipliers allow card members to earn a higher amount of rewards for a specific category of spending for a limited amount of time.

Which Card Is Right For You?

Deciding whether to apply for the Disney Rewards Visa or Disney Premier Visa Card depends on your level of spending and how often you plan to visit one of Disney’s theme parks. If you want to take advantage of the theme park perks, such as Meet ‘N’ Greet or discounted dining, then the free Disney Rewards Visa is the better choice for you. If you spend a lot of time and money at one of the Disney theme parks, then the Disney Premier Visa Card could benefit you more and save you more money in the long run. (For related insight, read about how to save money on your Disney vacation.)

For new card members, the Disney Premier Visa Card is a tempting choice, especially if you plan to spend $500 in your first three months. The bonus credit card statement for the Premier card pays for the annual fee and then some. Therefore, if you spend $500 in your first three months on gas or groceries, you will then earn $200 back and $10 in reward dollars. You can then call and ask to be bumped down to the Reward level the following year to avoid the annual fee and avoid a penalty on your credit score.

Keep in mind that these Disney credit cards are not a good financial choice if you cannot pay off the balance each month. Any amount you pay in interest will negate the perks and benefits.

The Bottom Line

If you are a huge Disney fan, then one of these cards will be advantageous for you to use. However, if you just wanted this credit card for the adorable card design, it would be wiser to apply for and use a different credit card. There are several credit cards available that offer higher reward percentages and perks.