If you’re starting out in your career – or wondering if your current field is a dead end – it's worth knowing where the job market is going and what the top jobs of 2017 are. That’s where Glassdoor can help. The career website helps you find open jobs, and it has just released its “50 Best Jobs in America for 2017” report. 

What Are the Top Jobs of 2017?

Glassdoor compiles its list from three key metrics: how many job openings there are, how well the position pays, and whether or not people like it. For a job to make the list, Glassdoor must have received 100 salary reports and 100 job satisfaction ratings from U.S. employees over the past year.  If your dream job of professional elephant dresser (yes, that’s a real job) isn’t there, Glassdoor probably didn’t receive enough salary reports to include it. Here are the top 20 jobs on Glassdoor’s list:

  1. Data Scientist, Base Salary $110,000 Yes, it pays well, but in the survey workers in this field were the most satisfied with their job. You probably know that computers (and humans) produce a lot of data, and somebody has to organize and analyze it. Enter the data scientist.
  2. DevOps Engineer, Base Salary $110,000 DevOps engineers can do any number of IT-related tasks, but often the job includes coding and communication and collaboration with others on a development team. 
  3. Data Engineer, Base Salary $106,000 Data engineers prepare the data for analysis by the data scientists. 
  4. Tax Manager, Base Salary $110,000 Tax managers manage the reporting of a company’s taxes to authorities. 
  5. Analytics Manager, Base Salary $112,000 Before data makes it into a database, it has to be collected. Analytics managers create strategies for creating accurate, usable data. 
  6. HR Manager, Base Salary $85,000 – Somebody has to keep all of the employees in line. A human resources (HR) manager often handles employee benefits, “onboarding” (bringing new employees up to speed), and other items related to employment.
  1. Database Administrator, Base Salary $93,000 The data that companies (and humans) produce is stored in a database. The administrator makes sure it is secure, accurate and easy to work with.
  2. Strategy Manager, Base Salary $130,000 When the boss dreams, somebody has to make those dreams a reality. Enter the strategy manager. 
  3. UX Designer, Base Salary $92,500 Think about your favorite app for a minute and how much you enjoy interacting with it. A UX (user experience) designer, often with the help of a UI (user interface) designer, made that happen.
  4. Solutions Architect, Base Salary $125,000 A solutions architect is responsible for developing IT systems to solve certain problems. 
  5. Marketing Manager, Base Salary $90,000 A product or service is only as good as its ability to create demand. Marketing managers work with marketing teams to create campaigns to promote a product or service.
  6. Occupational Therapist, Base Salary $72,000 Want to help others? Occupational therapists help people do the things they want to do when something is holding them back. They might help kids with disabilities or people recovering from injuries.
  1. Audit Manager, Base Salary $98,000 Audit managers help companies stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations. 
  2. Electrical Engineer, Base Salary $78,000 Do you like designing new electrical products? This is your dream job. 
  3. Nurse Practitioner, Base Salary $100,000 According to nurse.org, a nurse practitioner has additional responsibilities for administering patient care beyond those of registered nurses. They can prescribe medication, diagnose illnesses and provide treatment.
  4. Software Engineer, Base Salary $101,000 Software engineer was the job with the most openings in the top 20 jobs ranked, according to the report. If you like writing computer code, this is your perfect job.
  5. Corporate Recruiter, Base Salary $60,000 Corporate recruiters match outstanding candidates with jobs in a certain company. They could be freelance or work for a company.
  6. Supply Chain Manager, Base Salary $100,000 Manufacturing involves a lot of pieces and parts, and often those come from around the world. Supply chain managers make sure all of the components work together to produce the product. 
  1. Finance Manager, Base Salary $116,000 Finance managers are responsible for the financial health of a company. They produce reports, create long-term financial goals and more. 
  2. Mechanical Engineer, Base Salary $76,000 Mechanical engineers combine disciplines such as physics, engineering and others to create, manufacture and maintain mechanical systems.

The Bottom Line

You can find 30 additional jobs on the 2017 report. If one of these fields is a good match for your skills and interests, there’s good news: You’re probably going to be happy with your salary, and, more important, you’re going to enjoy the work. (For more, see The 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in America and The Most Valuable Career Skills in 2016.)