The Honest Company was co-founded by actress Jessica Alba in 2011 to produce safe, nontoxic, environmentally friendly health products for babies and families. Its products are available for purchase online and from retailers across the country, including Target, Costco and Nordstrom. The company also operates a popular subscription service offering monthly delivery of bundled products for expectant and new mothers.

As of January 2016, there are four monthly subscription bundles available, all of which are priced at substantial discounts to regular retail prices. If you are a fan of The Honest Company products, opting for a subscription bundle is almost certainly worth it. Alongside the convenience of the service, it is an easy way to save money on baby essentials such as diapers, wipes and formula, as well as health supplements for mothers, as well as personal care and cleaning products.

Subscription Details

The Honest Company bundle subscriptions are designed to fit a monthly delivery and payment schedule for most subscribers. While the number of products in each bundle is fixed, you can customize your delivery dates to match your needs. If a bundle lasts you only three weeks instead of a month, simply update your delivery schedule.

You are only charged when a bundle is shipped out to you. With appropriate notice, you can cancel a subscription at any time. As of January 2016, most subscribers enjoy free shipping on bundle orders exceeding $50 per month. Free shipping is not available for shipments to Hawaii or Alaska.

Bundles and Pricing

The diapers and wipes bundle includes six packages of diapers and four packages of baby wipes. These products are made with natural, plant-based materials from sustainable sources. The diapers are available in seven sizes to fit your growing baby. The number of diapers in each bundle varies according to diaper size. All diaper and wipe bundles cost $79.95 per delivery excluding any shipping costs, a discount of up to 35% off retail prices depending on the diaper size.

The infant formula bundle includes four 23.3-ounce tubs of organic, nutritionally complete infant formula and one dropper bottle of liquid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) for babies. The infant formula is made of non-genetically engineered, all-natural ingredients from USDA-certified organic farms. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, is derived from premium fish oil to support the healthy development of your baby's eyes and brain. The product also includes vitamin D3 to support healthy bone and teeth development. This bundle costs $119.95 per month, $20 off the normal retail price.

The health and wellness bundle includes two vitamin or supplement products of your choice from a menu of more than a dozen options. Products include a variety of once-daily multivitamin products and supplements for mothers, as well as multivitamin powder for babies. This bundle costs $35.95 per month, a discount of up to 40% depending on the selected products. It has an additional shipping charge based on your delivery address unless you choose to combine it with a second bundle to meet the $50 minimum for free shipping.

The honest essentials bundle includes five personal care and home cleaning products from a catalog of more than 65 options. Select from personal hygiene products, botanical body care products, soaps and shampoos, air fresheners and much more. This bundle costs $35.95 per month plus shipping, a discount of up to 35% off retail prices depending on the products.

Other Baby Product Subscription Services

There is no shortage of subscription services offering curated boxes of products for babies and mothers. Services such as bluum, Ecocentric Mom, BabyBin and Walmart Baby Box deliver a variety of targeted products and parenting tips to your front door on a regular schedule. These services are a lot of fun and a terrific way to learn about new products that are developmentally suited to your growing baby.

For discounted shipments of diapers and other baby-related products, large retailers are another option. The Amazon Family service offers a variety of discounts and services for babies, children and parents. Its diaper subscription service has a flat 20% discount and free shipping on name-brand diapers purchased through the program. Amazon Family is open to all paid Amazon Prime members at no extra charge. Target offers subscriptions for all kinds of baby products, including diapers, baby wipes, skin ointments and baby accessories, at a discount of up to 10% off retail prices. Free shipping is included.