It's no secret that the skills MBA graduates learn often don't match up with what employers want. To make sure that you have what recruiters are looking for, take a look at Bloomberg's annual job skills survey.

The findings come from 1,251 job recruiters and 547 companies, and are sorted according to how common and how desirable certain skills are. Some of the results may surprise you, and the relative values of skills such as risk-taking and working collaboratively can vary drastically depending on the industry.

If you thought that work experience trumped analytical thinking, for example, you might be surprised – unless you were eyeing the transportation sector, where experience is king. And in finance, where you might expect numbers to represent the be-all and end-all, communication skills are a good deal more important than quantitative skills (137.6% more important, to be precise). In fact, for all the talk of the decline of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), quantitative skills are apparently a dime a dozen. According to these respondents, they're even more common than the nigh-ubiquitous "drive."

The survey also ranks business schools according to the skills they excel at teaching, in case you're still deciding on the right place for you. Don't fall into the skills gap, find out what employers are looking for right now.