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Since its founding in 1999, Investopedia has made it its mission to make investing less intimidating and to simplify the complexities of finance to a multitude of users.

We have accomplished this goal by building great reference tools and assembling a network of some of the best financial writers in the industry to provide actionable intelligence to all levels of investors.

We now embark on our most ambitious endeavor to date – to be the platform for helping our community of 20 million followers make their most important personal finance decisions by connecting them with the expertise of hundreds of financial advisors.

Upon joining Investopedia a little over a year ago, I was surprised by the number of financial advisors with whom I spoke who love Investopedia. I didn’t understand why they were using Investopedia so frequently. The answer I learned was that financial advisors have always seen us as a source of unbiased content that can help their clients to simplify the complex – and a financial advisor’s chief role is to simplify the complex for their clients. We have a joint mission focused on serving our users and clients and that serves as the foundation for a great partnership.

Today we announced the launch of Advisor Insights, a free service to both our community of investors and financial advisors that can provide significant value to each.

There is no digital platform where users can ask a qualified group of hundreds of financial advisors their most pressing financial questions. There is no digital platform dedicated to financial advisors where they can get as massive an outlet of digital marketing exposure as Investopedia. Financial advisors can learn more about Advisor Insights and apply to join here.

By serving as a marketplace of ideas we can further help advisors build their practices, savers invest intelligently and retirees lead the lives they aspire to.

I look forward to sharing more details about Advisor Insights in the months and years ahead.

David Siegel, CEO of Investopedia


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