Spring is around the corner, which means buyers will be out in droves looking for homes to purchase before the start of the school year. Home sellers in sought-after neighborhoods shouldn’t have a problem selling their home. But if they want to get top dollar they are going to need to create a bidding war, which isn’t too uncommon these days. But sparking one isn’t as easy as slapping a For Sale sign on the front yard or hiring a real estate agent. Sellers have to be careful. Do it wrong and you can actually send buyers running to the competition around the block. (Read more, here: Selling Your House? Avoid These Mistakes.)

Price Right to Get the Interest

One of the most important aspects of creating enough interest that sparks a bidding war is pricing your house correctly to begin with. If you go too high, you aren’t going to get any interest let alone multiple offers. And if you go too low, you won’t get top dollar during negotiations. Because of that, you have to make sure your first listing price is the right one. That means doing your own homework if you are selling on your own or working with a realtor to get a fair price for your home. If it is priced correctly, you get more interest and thus more offers. (Read more, here: How to Price Your Home Like the Pros.)

Curb Appeal Gets Them In

Buyers make up their mind about a house within seconds of seeing it, which is why you want them to fall in love before they even get past the front door. And that is where curb appeal comes in. Without it, you aren’t going to draw the interest that is required to start a bidding war. It could even be the deciding factor if people look inside your home. So what does curb appeal mean? It means having a neat front lawn and a door, mailbox and numbers that add style to the home. Out-of-date lighting and fixtures aren’t going to create a buying frenzy, nor are overgrown shrubs and bushes. The neater and more attractive your front is, the more traffic you house is going to get. (Read more, here: Low-Cost Ways To Raise Your Front Yard Curb Appeal.)

Get the Word Out With the Real Estate Brokers

If you want multiple offers, then you are going to have to get the word out about your property. And one of the most powerful ways to do that is to contact local real estate agents and brokers. Hosting an open house just for the brokers is one way to show off your house and hopefully spread the word. Listing your property on the Internet and working with a local agent who has contacts within the community can also do the job. Even turning to social media to spread the word to friends, families and colleagues can find you buyers. The more people that know about your house the more offers you can get, which is why getting the word out should be top on your sparking a bidding war to-do list.

Home Staging Upgrades the Home and Price

In a perfect sale a buyer would walk in, fall in love immediately, and make an offer on the spot. If a bidding war is what you are after, you want that to happen not once but at least twice. None of it is possible, however, if the house doesn’t show well. Why are buyers going to battle it out for a cluttered or poorly laid out home with ugly paint and old furniture? That is where home staging comes in. It can cost a little bit of money to give the house a neutral coat of paint and get rid of all the clutter, or it could cost a lot of money to have a professional come in and furnish the home. But either way what you get in return for staging your home is a neat, decluttered house that that appeals to most tastes. (Read more, here: Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost?)

Location Is Everything

At the end of the day, one of the biggest factors that determines whether you get multiple offers or whether the property languishes on the market is location. If you are in a sought-after neighborhood with a good school district and your house is updated, you should have an easy go of it. But if you are in a less desirable neighborhood, it may not matter how upgraded or staged the home is. Many buyers want properties that are located in good school districts and in or near towns that offer access to shopping, dining and community services.

The Bottom Line                                                                     

With spring around the corner, job unemployment at an eight-year low of 4.9% and people feeling more confident about their overall financial health, home sellers should do OK this spring home selling season. But if getting top dollar from a sale of your home is what you are after, you are going to need a bidding war to ensue. In order to spark that much interest, the house has to be in the right location, priced fairly, have tons of curb appeal and an interior that matches the outside promise.


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