If you’re looking to charter a private jet, you have ample options.

Here are five websites that can connect you with a jet to charter – usually you have to charter the whole plane. In rare cases, the sites connect you with a seat on a private flight. (See also: Private Jet? There’s an App for That.)

1. JetSuite

JetSuite made headlines last year when it offered a $4 plane over the July 4 holiday. Yes, $4 for the entire plane. There were some catches. Only a handful of planes were available and you had to sign up for an online lottery of sorts to have a chance at landing the deal. And it was a one-way flight from a specific destination – which meant if you were chosen, you had to find your own way back.

JetSuite offers customized itineraries for its members that only the wealthy can afford, but it has empty-leg flights that cost around $550 (the holiday deal mentioned above involved these flights). Companies don’t want to fly their aircraft home without paying customers, so they offer empty-leg flights to help offset expenses. Because they fly to and from specific places, your itinerary has to fit their flight availability.

2. JetSmarter

This website aims to connect people who have flexible travel schedules with private jet companies that have empty-leg flights up for grabs. In addition to securing an empty-leg flight, you can also book custom charters. Download the company’s app to get started. JetSmarter has a membership option that might land you some discounts, but membership isn’t required to use its service.

3. Bluestarjets

This site is like the Uber of private aviation. Go to the website and you can enter information on where you are, where you’re going and when you want to be picked up. You’ll see all of the available options. The company claims to have access to more than 5,000 planes around the world.

4. SkyJet

For those who want to book their next private flight, SkyJet offers charter services. “Light jets start at $2,800 per hour,” says Greg Richman, president of Skyjet. “Mid-size jets start at $3,800 per hour, super mid-size at $4,500 per hour and large cabin jets at $6,500 per hour.” There are no long-term commitments. All flights are pay-as-you-fly. And if you’re looking for an empty-leg flight, SkyJet has them too.

5. PrivateFly

Customers using this website “can see competitive live quotes straight from the operators and choose the price and aircraft that best suit their needs,” says Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly.com. “Additionally, they are able to get up-to-date information regarding their flights, including information about their aircraft and the airport they’ll be using.”

The Bottom Line

Stiffer competition and overcapacity have brought down the cost of a trip on a private jet. That means it’s now possible to ride in one for hundreds of dollars instead of thousands, though you may only get a one-way trip.

Before doing business with any of these companies, do your own research to find out how others rate their services. Companies that own their own planes, rather than managing a network of planes owned by others, are likely a safer bet. And be sure you can pay with a credit card. (See also: The Economics of Private Jet Charters.)

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