The IRS has created tax forms to cover

Types of Investment Income
Tax Forms
  • Box 1 shows total taxable interest paid
  • Box 2 shows the amount of early withdrawal penalty, if any
  • Box 3 shows the amount of U.S. Treasury security interest paid
  • Box 4 shows the amount of tax withheld
  • Box 5 shows investment expenses
  • Box 6 shows foreign tax paid
  • Box 7 shows the foreign payor
  • Box 8 shows tax-exempt interest
  • Box 9 shows interest from special private activity bonds
  • Box 10 shows the CUSIP number for tax-free bond interest
  • Boxes 11-13 show state ID information and withholding
  • Box 1a shows total ordinary dividends
  • Box 1b shows total qualified dividends
  • Boxes 2a-d break down capital gains from mutual funds, REITs and collectibles
  • Box 3 shows nondividend distributions
  • Box 4 shows federal tax withheld
  • Box 5 shows investment expenses
  • Boxes 6 and 7 show foreign tax paid and the foreign payor
  • Boxes 8 and 9 show cash and noncash liquidation distributions
  • Box 10 shows private interest dividends
  • Box 11 shows specified private activity bond interest dividends
  • Boxes 12-14 show state ID information and withholding
  • Box 1a shows the date of sale or exchange
  • Box 1b shows the date of acquisition
  • Box 1c shows whether it is a long- or short-term gain or loss
  • Box 1d shows the ticker symbol of the security
  • Box 1e shows the quantity sold
  • Box 2a shows the gross proceeds reported to the IRS both before and after commission and expenses
  • Box 2b shows a checkbox if loss not allowed due to amount shown in box 2a
  • Box 3 shows cost or other basis
  • Box 4 shows federal tax withheld
  • Box 5 shows any amount of wash sale loss that was disallowed
  • Box 6 has checkboxes for noncovered securities and for sales where the basis in box 3 was reported to the IRS
  • Box 7 shows income from bartering
  • Box 8 is for a description of the security if needed
  • Boxes 9-12 break down realized and unrealized gains and losses from derivatives contracts
  • Boxes 13-15 show state ID information and withholding
  • Box 1 shows the gross distribution amount
  • Box 2a shows the amount of taxable distribution
  • Box 2b has checkboxes for taxable amount not determined and total distribution
  • Box 3 shows amount of capital gain included in box 2a
  • Box 4 shows federal tax withheld
  • Box 5 shows employee/Roth contributions
  • Box 6 shows net unrealized appreciation in employer securities
  • Box 7 shows the distribution code that determines how the distribution is taxed
  • Box 8 shows the value of any annuity contract included in the distribution
  • Box 9a shows the value of distribution percentage that belongs to the recipient
  • Box 9b shows the amount of the employee’s investment for annuity distributions where the exclusion ratio must be computed
  • If Box 10 is filled, refer to instructions on Form 5329
  • Box 11 shows the year the recipient first made a Roth contribution of any kind
  • Boxes 12-17 show state and local ID information and withholding
Reporting Your Income
The Bottom Line

Taxpayers who receive retirement or investment income need to know which forms they should receive and what information should be listed on them. Many investment firms issue consolidated 1099s that cover all of the forms listed above in a single statement. For more information on investment tax forms, visit or consult your financial advisor.