Glamsquad is an in-home, on-demand, beauty service. Like a traditional brick-and-mortar salon, Glamsquad makes money by charging customers fees for beauty services. But unlike traditional salons, Glamsquad brings its services directly to their customers' homes, offering a level of convenience and personalized attention that many customers seem quite happy to pay for—if the company's recent success is any indicator.

Key Takeaways

  • Glamsquad offers its customers on-demand, in-home beauty services including hair, makeup, and nail services.
  • Clients select the services they want and book appointments with beauty professionals online or through the Glamsquad app.
  • Beauty professionals come to the client's location (home or office) and most services are completed in one hour.
  • Makeup services start at $75 and hairstyling ranges from $50 to $85 (more for intricate styling).

How Is Glamsquad Different?

Glamsquad aims to bring a little glamour into the lives of everyday women by providing them with the same on-demand luxury styling that keeps the Hollywood elite red-carpet-ready.

Though the financial aspect of Glamsquad's operation is much like that of any normal salon or spa, the experience it offers is not. Rather than booking an appointment at a physical location, customers can go online or use an iPhone application to book a selection of services at home. Once the customer books her services, Glamsquad dispatches a team of professional independent stylists to her home. Glamsquad's proponents praise this aspect of the experience as being convenient and relaxing.

How Does It Work?

From Glamsquad's webpage or app, the customer simply chooses the makeup, hair, or bridal look she desires. The site then directs her to a simple form where she can select her city, confirm which services she is interested in, and provide her personal details and desired appointment time.

The prices for Glamsquad's basic services are listed on the site for convenience and do not vary much from what a person would expect at a mid-range salon. The site automatically adds a 20% gratuity and service tax so all the customer has to do is enter her card information and let the pampering begin.

Glamsquad aims to corner the market on convenient luxury salon services accessible to the average woman. In addition to its moderate pricing, all Glamsquad services are performed simultaneously in under an hour so the customer does not give up her entire day.

What Does It Offer?

While hair services do not include traditional cut-and-color, customers can choose from a variety of looks for every day and evening events. Glamsquad also provides professional makeup services that are tailored to the customer's needs, including full bridal hair and makeup to help anyone look like a starlet for her big day.

Hairstyle prices range from $50 to $85, plus more for intricate styling. Makeup starts at $75, with additional fees for popular add-ons including faux lashes, airbrushing, and eye masks. Bridal services are priced subject to the customer's specific needs, because every bride is different.

While Glamsquad is by no means cheap, the convenience of in-home services in under an hour makes this a useful option for a person with a tight schedule or big event.

Uber Culture

Glamsquad is yet another of a slew of companies capitalizing on what has been called the "Uber culture." Americans have fallen in love with the idea of having custom services delivered to their doors at the push of a button. In addition, the rise of the independent contractor, which has always made up a large portion of the beauty industry, means that working for companies such as Glamsquad, offering rides through Uber, or providing lodging through Airbnb has become a popular way to create flexible income.

In Oct. 2019, Glamsquad announced it was partnering with pharmacy and retail giant CVS to offer in-store beauty services in nearly 50 retail locations around the country.

Why It Works

Glamsquad was founded in 2013 and launched in New York City in 2014. Since then, it has expanded to Hoboken, Jersey City, Washington D.C., Boston, South Florida, Los Angeles, Orange County, and the San Francisco Bay area. Glamsquad's popularity is due in part to its convenience and consistency. However, there are a number of factors that make this model potentially profitable.

First, Glamsquad offers a price range just expensive enough to generate generous profit margins but not so high the average woman cannot afford its services if she adjusts her budget once in a while. In addition, the lack of a physical space reduces Glamsquad's overhead expenses considerably. Lastly, because it employs independent stylists, Glamsquad is not required to provide employee benefits, such as health care or retirement plan options.

The Demise of Traditional Salons?

There is no doubt Glamsquad is looking to take a bite out of the market share of brick-and-mortar salons. However, its moderately high pricing will likely keep it from being the regular choice of most women. In addition, the limited list of services offered by Glamsquad means traditional salons are likely safe, for now.