Latin America has a huge pool of motivated and driven citizens, and it should come as no surprise that there are many successful serial entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Many Latin American entrepreneurs have shown success time after time, reinventing themselves from one business venture to the next. What's more, Latin American entrepreneurs have a track record of giving back to the community, often speaking at lectures, or helping incubate and fund other startup ventures.

1. Vicente Fenoll

Vicente Fenoll is a pioneer in Mexico's microfinancial sector, launching FinComún in 1994. The aim of the company was to provide financial services, such as loans and savings accounts, to people in the low socioeconomic class.

Fenoll founded the Kubo financiero platform, a company that establishes links between people needing funds and potential financiers. He is also the founder of a slew of other companies that combine technology and microfinancing, such as Aggregatium Consultores and Péek-Tech.

Due to his knowledge of the space, Fenoll has been a member of the council of several organizations including the Bureau of Credit, the Bank of National Savings and the Mexican Center for Philanthropy. Currently, he's included on Unreasonable Mexico’s team of mentors.

2. Gabriel Roizner

Gabriel Roizner is an Uruguayan entrepreneur who found success as the founder and CEO of KienVe, a second-screen app that creates micro social networks for people interested in the same TV shows and advertisements.

KienVe is one of the most well-known businesses in the region in which it operates, and it was chosen as the hot company of the year in 2012 at the Festival of Media LatAm.

Using the momentum from the success of KienVe, Roizner moved to San Pablo to start Tizzka, an app that allows users to receive advice from experts in the fashion and stylist space and then share that advice with other users. The app broke regional download records. Currently, the app is available in 30 countries and has over 21 million views.

Previously, Roizner was the co-founder and head of business intelligence of Zolbi Company.

3. Gary Urteaga

Gary Urteaga is a Peruvian entrepreneur who has played a leading role in the emerging ecosystem of startups in Peru. He is the founder of Holosens, a company that specializes in helping build and incubate companies such as KaraokeSmart, Hoope, Joinnus, Reclutec, Empresabio, Veronica and KunFood.

Holosens provides these companies with expert advice and connects them with potential funding partners.

Urteaga is also the co-founder of Cinepapaya, a company that was actually funded by Holosens. Cinepapaya is a mobile app that gives users access to the publicity board of movie theaters, where they can purchase tickets.

Urteaga was awarded the 2010 President of the Republic of Peru Prize because of his influence in the areas of social responsibility and innovation.

4. Alec Oxenford

Alec Oxenford is an international entrepreneur based in Argentina. Oxenford started his entrepreneurial career by founding DeRemate in 1999, a company that was soon sold to its competitor, MercadoLibre.

Since then, Oxenford has founded many companies, most notably DineroMail in 2002 and OLX in 2006.

He's found the greatest recent success with OLX, a platform with classified advertisements. The company targets emerging markets, such as India and Brazil, and lists used goods, including furniture, musical instruments, sporting goods, cars and other properties.

5. Alex Torrenegra

Alex Torrenegra is a Colombian serial entrepreneur who launched his first company at the age of 14. He eventually moved to the United States and founded Bunny Incorporated with his wife. The company helps companies delegate creative projects.

In addition, Torrenegra launched Torrenegra Labs, an incubator that was recognized by Forbes as one of the most important foreign startups in the U.S. Torrenegra has been honored as the TR35 top Colombian innovator of the year.

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