The Most Successful Mexican Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs represent a variety of industries in Mexico

Mexico has produced many successful entrepreneurs over the years. Though corruption has kept Mexico from realizing its full economic potential, it has also helped breed visionary entrepreneurs who know the value of innovation and perseverance. They are trailblazers in a variety of industries.

The following are some of the most successful Mexican entrepreneurs.

Key Takeaways

  • Mexican entrepreneurs have established themselves as key players in the Latin American economy, with much success.
  • Some of the most successful entrepreneurs launched companies that enable social good.
  • Carlos Slim, head of América Móvil, is often ranked as one of the world's richest men.

1. Moís Cherem Arana

Moís Cherem Arana and his two partners founded Enova, a company focused on e-learning in 2007. The company designs, builds, and operates educational centers strategically located in densely populated, low-income areas in Mexico. These centers aim to provide children and adults with access to digital learning, coupled with support from on-site facilitators.

He has since also co-founded Bedu, an education technology company that aims to bridge the job skills gap through blended learning—digital and on-site.

In 2012, Arana received the Social Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Schwab Foundation.

2. Enrique Gomez-Junco

Enrique Gomez-Junco is the founder of Optima Energía, one of only a few energy-saving companies in Mexico. Optima Energía helps domestic businesses save on their energy bills and water costs by designing and implementing technical solutions that increase energy efficiency. To help domestic businesses further, Optima Energía does not require an upfront payment but instead receives financing from development banks to fund its projects.

In 2012, Capital Finance International declared Optima Energía the winner of its Best Sustainable Energy award. Since its inception, the company has executed more than 100 projects in the public and private sectors of Mexico and currently helps municipalities reduce their electricity consumption by more than 60%.

3. Marcos Eshkenazi

Marcos Eshkenazi, a serial entrepreneur, has started several companies throughout his career. Among the companies Eshkenazi has helped found is Frogtek, a for-profit social venture that helps small shopkeepers across Latin America achieve success through key tools that allow them to maximize their potential.

The company's main tool is its flagship product, Tiendatek. Tiendatek is a point-of-sale software solution that lets users manage and control inventories while generating real-time analysis.

Eshkenazi is currently CEO of Thousand Doors, which develops one-of-a-kind hospitality properties.

4. Andrés Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Vera

Andrés Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Vera, longtime friends and colleagues, started the company BlueMessaging, a cloud and intelligent platform solutions business. The aim of these two entrepreneurs is to solve the pain points of digital miscommunication through its big data platform, which incorporates artificial intelligence.

BlueMessaging was founded in Mexico City in 2009 and achieved early success, with a growing client base consisting of companies such as Mexico's largest mortgage lender. Through the service, the two entrepreneurs help companies reduce the cost per client and connect with consumers by automating communication through multiple channels. These channels include SMS, email, chat, websites, and social networks.

5. José Rodríguez

José Rodríguez, with the help of his two partners, founded Modebo, a company that builds energy-monitoring devices that predict temperature behavior and energy consumption. The company aims to use complex algorithms and engineering architecture to solve real-world problems such as climate change.

In 2012, Modebo was one of the five finalists in the IBM Smart Camp in Mexico and won the 2012 Startup World pitch competition held in Mexico City for the best startup technology.

6. Carlos Slim

Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Slim Helú is a self-made man, the son of Catholic Lebanese immigrants to Mexico. Today, he is the Chairman of the board of telecom giant América Móvil. He has amassed a net worth of $77.9 billion, as of March 2022, and is one of the wealthiest men in Mexico and the world.

Slim prefers "the simple life,” and his lifestyle may seem less extravagant than those of other billionaires. He has been a savvy investor and businessman, making sure that his fortune continues to grow.

Who Are the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in Mexico?

The following are among the most successful entrepreneurs in Mexico:

  • Moís Cherem Arana, founder of Enova
  • Enrique Gomez-Junco, founder of Optima Energia
  • Marcos Eshkenazi, serial entrepreneur and founder of Frogtek
  • Andrés Rodriguez and Juan Carlos Vera, founders of BlueMessaging
  • José Rodríguez, founder of Modebo
  • Carlos Slim, CEO of América Móvil

Who Is the Richest Entrepreneur in Mexico?

Carlos Slim, CEO of América Móvil, is not only the richest entrepreneur in Mexico, he is also one of the wealthiest people in the world. A self-made man, Slim’s net worth is $77.9 billion, as of March 2022.

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