Like fax machines in the 1980s, online services in the 1990s and social media in the 2000s, apps have revolutionized the way people use technology in the 2010s. An app is a piece of software a user downloads to a computer or, in most cases, a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet that fulfills a particular need or performs a particular function. A popular commercial that aired toward the beginning of the smartphone revolution presented a series of common, everyday problems and for each of them declared, "There's an app for that." As of 2015, this statement is truer than ever. Apps exist for seemingly everything, from ordering pizza to counting calories to checking scores from professional and college sporting events.

Many apps enjoy immense popularity across the income spectrum. The rich, poor and middle class alike download social media apps, word games and trivia games in abundance. While such apps maintain broad appeal, others fulfill needs that come up most often for the ultra-rich. These apps help the rich manage their vast portfolios, book travel on private jets and find marina slips to park their yachts. Listed below are a few apps that help the ultra-rich solve their unique problems, which the rest of the world would love to have.


Bloomberg is the gold standard for all-in-one finance apps. While many people who are not members of the 1%, or 0.1%, utilize this app, for the ultra-rich, it is a must-have. Bloomberg offers a clean interface for investors to track not only the major U.S. stock indexes, such as the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ, but also overseas markets, commodities markets and currency exchange rates. Users can build watchlists from specific securities they are tracking and access them in a clean, easy-to-read list with a tap of the screen.

Also with one tap of the screen, Bloomberg loads the latest and most pressing financial news stories. A big reason many of the ultra-rich are so wealthy is they take an active role in managing their money, they assiduously keep up with the markets, and they stay one step ahead of the masses whenever a shifting economic landscape necessitates savvy investing decisions. Bloomberg makes it easy to stay informed, even for busy people who are always on the go.


Imagine an app like Uber, except instead of booking a ride across town in a Nissan Altima, users are booking a ride from New York to Miami on a private Learjet. JetSmarter allows those who can afford to travel in style via private jet book a trip in seconds using a smartphone or tablet. Users can select from scheduled flights, or they can build a custom itinerary the app then submits to a list of private jet operators that can bid to accept the job. With JetSmarter, the ultra-rich eschew airport parking hassles, intrusive and time-consuming TSA screening, crowded gates, overbooked flights and other headaches that go hand-in-hand with commercial air travel. Instead, they fly out of private terminals and receive red-carpet treatment from the minute they arrive for their flights.

JetSmarter is designed so users never have to speak to a human and can perform the app's myriad of functions by simply tapping a smartphone screen. For users who have questions, however, or experience problems or issues during the booking process, JetSmarter staffs live customer service agents around the clock. Additionally, the app offers peace of mind to fliers by only partnering with operators who pass rigorous safety standards.


Boating is a luxury enjoyed by many of the ultra-rich, but the hobby tows along some frustrations. One of the biggest headaches experienced by boaters is the arduous process of reserving a marina slip, particularly on short notice. SlipFinder mitigates this problem by offering a conduit between boaters and marina owners. Both groups can download the app and register for free. Boaters provide information about their boats, such as length and type, while marinas update their slip availability in real time. This allows boaters to search at a moment's notice for nearby marinas that currently have vacant slips suitable for their particular boat. Marina owners benefit by gaining a way to connect with nearby boaters who might otherwise never hear of them.

SlipFinder makes its money by charging boaters who use the app to book a marina slip an additional 10% on top of their booking fees but only for the first two days. For example, a boater who docks his boat for $100 per day for five days pays an additional $20 to SlipFinder.

The Tesla Model S App

The Tesla Model S is fast becoming a favorite status symbol among the ultra-rich. The vehicle comes with all-wheel drive, accelerates from zero to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds, and has the highest safety rating of any vehicle in America. Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Tesla Model S is its autopilot mode. Like a pilot at cruising altitude, a Model S driver can push a button and essentially let the vehicle drive itself. With front, rear and side cameras; 360-degree sonar; and GPS technology capable of recognizing speed limits and traffic control devices, the Tesla S safely navigates even congested streets with minimal input from the driver. The car can even scan a crowded parking lot for an open space, often quicker than a human. Best of all, it does all this without burning a drop of gasoline.

Drivers rich enough to afford a Tesla Model S receive another luxury when they buy one: the Tesla Model S App. This handy piece of software allows them to control their vehicle, doing everything but actually driving it, from a remote location using a smartphone or tablet. With the Tesla Model S app on their phone, owners can turn on the car's heater or air conditioning five minutes before they leave work so the interior is the perfect temperature when they climb in for the drive home. When the car's battery is charging, they can monitor its progress with the app. The Model S app even lets owners lock and unlock the vehicle from across the country, which is perfect for when a spouse or child back home needs something that is locked in the car.

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