Many moms are now getting the best of both worlds by being a work-from-home mom rather than a stay-at-home mom. Working from home allows moms to work a flexible schedule, so they can both be there for every milestone in their children’s lives and contribute to their family's finances.

With so many scams out there, it can be hard to distinguish a scam from a legit work-from-home job (See: Recognize and Avoid “Work at Home” Scams). As a forewarning, any “company” that needs you first to pay money before you can begin work is most likely a scam. Likewise, be wary of any jobs that promise you’ll make thousands of dollars per week working from home part-time. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Below are the best, legitimate work from home jobs for moms.

Freelance Writer

You don’t have to have a degree in journalism to pursue a career in freelance writing. Freelance writing is one of the most flexible jobs out there. You receive assignments with a given due date and are free to complete the work on your own time—whether that’s at 5 a.m. before the kids wake up or during their nap time. You can write for websites, small businesses, blogs and more. Writing allows you to explore a variety of topics whether that’s personal finance, parenting, food and recipes, health, or a combination.

To find freelance writing jobs, you can search job boards and freelance writing sites or cold-pitch your favorite sites and blogs. If you don’t have experience, consider writing for a content mill and starting a blog in your area of expertise to gain credibility (For more, see: 6 Top-Paying Freelance Jobs).

Daytime Babysitter

If you’re at home with your kids all day, consider offering to watch other kids during the day so their moms can run errands kid-free, catch up on work or clean the house. You could work full-time or part-time and find clients that will fit with your schedule. If you want to open an actual daycare in your home and run it as a business, you’ll need to make sure you meet the state regulations in your area.

If you open a daycare in your home, you can advertise your business a number of ways such as creating a Facebook page, Craigslist post or a website. Alternatively, you can hand out your business card to moms you meet at the park.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) is an online assistant who typically works for a small business owner, a blogger or even a large corporation. While some VA jobs will require you to be available during certain times of the day, others will be more flexible and let you work as you please, as long as you get the work completed. Job duties can include responding to emails, helping with the website, editing images, email marketing, social media management and more.

To get a virtual assistant job, you can scour job boards and freelance writing sites, just like you would if you wanted to be a freelance writer. You can also reach out to blog and website owners that you think you would be able to assist. If they don’t need your services, ask them if they know of anyone who would.

Direct Sales

If you’re not interested in online work, consider working in direct sales, or what some call multi-level marketing. There are thousands of products to choose from—everything from clothing to nutritional shakes to candles. You typically purchase the inventory at a discounted price and then sell it via your website, at-home parties or in your everyday life. With direct sales, you get out what you put in. During busy seasons of your children’s life, you can easily cut back. However, when they’re in school, and you have more time on your hands, you can increase your workload.

To be successful at direct sales, you have to truly believe in the product that you are selling and sell your product through multiple avenues. You can sell to family and friends, your neighbors, Facebook friends, people you meet at the playground, and to your followers on social media platforms.

If none of these options interest you, consider turning something you enjoy into a business. If you enjoy making hair bows for your little girl, for example, why not open an Etsy shop? Or perhaps you used to work in accounting or finance. You could start your own consulting business (For more, see Top 6 Consulting Fields To Get Into Now). If you shop garage sales every weekend, list the better items that you find on eBay for a profit.

The Bottom Line

With so many different ways for moms to make money from home, there’s bound to be something that peaks your interest. By dedicating just a few hours a day to a few hours a week to your chosen job, you can start contributing to your family’s finances without ever having to step foot out of your house.