When it comes to managing finances and tracking the markets on the go, there are a number of excellent apps that can be downloaded and installed onto your mobile device from Apple iTunes (AAPL) or the Google Play Store (GOOG). Whether you need to make a trade, check on your portfolio balance, or find out the latest financial market news, there's an app for that.

Some of the Best Investing Apps Available Today

Jstock is a free, easy-to-use app that provides real-time stock quotes, charts, news, and company data in a well-organized format. A great tool for the average investor, users can track portfolios or watch lists and set up alerts. Jstock has access to 26 world stock markets, with more to come, as well as a desktop app for home or work computers that seamlessly integrates with the mobile app. Upgrading to the premium version unlocks additional charting tools and removes all advertisements. 

Cost: Free / $4.99

Bloomberg for Smartphone offers unique news and analytical content as well as up-to-the-minute market data and portfolio tracking tools. Not only does it give access to Bloomberg's comprehensive multimedia news coverage and commentary, but it makes available many world stock markets, bond markets, commodities prices and more. The free app has the look and feel of the Bloomberg professional terminal that many on Wall Street are likely to be familiar with.

Cost: Free

Stock Market HeatMap for Android is an easy way to visually gauge which companies and sectors are outperforming or underperforming the market. Winners and losers are easily identified by color, and users can post their own custom heat map to social media via Twitter (TWTR) or Facebook (FB). Upgrade to the Pro version to analyze fundamental data such as price-to-sales ratio, price-to-book ratio, analysts' recommendations and how stocks have reacted after earnings.

Cost: Free / $4.11

Scutify is an app-based social network designed entirely around investing and finance. Scutify is a community of investors who can communicate with each other and provide unique insights. The app aggregates social media posts on relevant stocks, markets, currencies and commodities and allows users to interact with each other, collaborate on research and identify trends. Scutify also offers stock trading for $3.49 per trade through the Tradier Brokerage API.

Scutify Sentiment is a spinoff of the Scutify app that uses the data collected from its social network and aggregated posts to generate bullish or bearish sentiment calls for individual stocks or the market.

Cost: Free for both

StockTwits is a socially-networked investing app that lets users quickly catch up on market trends and the companies they care about. Users can post Twitter-like updates and also find out which stocks are trending based on what other users are posting about. The app also tries to gauge market sentiment based on the user rankings of each stock.

Cost: Free

E*Trade Mobile is great for those who need to trade stocks on the go from their mobile devices. E*Trade (ETFC) account holders can use the free app to quickly and easily input orders and receive execution confirmations. They can also track portfolios and access much of the research and data offered by E*Trade's website.

Cost: Free

CNN Money Portfolio for stocks powered by SigFig is an excellent resource for analyzing portfolios. Users can import their portfolio data from many of the most popular online brokerages and can aggregate multiple accounts held at different brokerages. The visualizations and charting features are intuitive and insightful. CNN Money Portfolio does an excellent job of analyzing risk and performance using over 100 tests on your holdings and trading behavior to give the best possible personalized advice.

Cost: Free

The Bottom Line

It has never been easier to access the financial markets from the palm of your hand. Whether you need to make a trade, want to check on your portfolio, or find out the latest earnings or economic releases, the right information can be found by using the right app. There are myriad financial apps available for your smartphone or mobile device, both free and paid.