Accounting typically isn't considered a glamorous profession, but it can become one if you're a showbiz accountant. While you'll still spend plenty of hours behind the computer processing numbers, this job comes with opportunities to experience the exciting world of entertainment.

Job Description
  • account setup
  • accounting software setup
  • asset administration
  • bookkeeping
  • budgeting and planning
  • cash flow scheduling
  • compliance reporting
  • cost reporting and auditing
  • insurance policy reviews and claims administration
  • investment oversight
  • payroll processing
  • profit participation calculations
  • purchasing
  • residual setup
  • tax preparation
  • tax representation
  • union reporting 
Skill Set and Educational Background
Basic Accounting Skills
  • auditing standards and requirements
  • financial accounting and reporting
  • regulations
  • professional ethics
  • financial risk management
  • strategic planning
  • financial operations management
  • tax preparation 
Entertainment Industry Accounting Skills
  • production accounting for movies, TV shows and Web series
  • tax preparation for movie and TV show productions (including an understanding of industry-specific tax issues)
  • tax preparation for entertainment firms and industry professionals (including an understanding of industry-specific tax issues)
  • profit participation payout calculations
Career Ladder
The Bottom Line