Financial advisors typically spend a lot of time away from their offices on travel, which can make it difficult to stay on top of basic things such as market news and clients' investment portfolios. More and more advisors are learning how to conduct business efficiently using just a tablet or smartphone. There are virtually unlimited resources in the form of apps that financial advisors can tap into to help them more efficiently manage their work and provide better service to their clients.


Evernote enables individuals to save Web pages, clip articles, make notes and synchronize files across different devices. While there are other apps available for taking notes, such as Plaintext and Penultimate, Evernote is generally recognized as providing the best all-in-one solution. Evernote is the perfect tool to have handy for one-click storage of important data, notes, articles or Web pages in what is essentially an online, cloud-based virtual filing cabinet. Financial advisors can use Evernote to make notes on articles they're reading on the go, or for storing tax or legal documents.

Bloomberg Mobile

Bloomberg Mobile provides easy access to one of the best overall financial market information websites. The free app allows advisors to get up-to-the-minute market news, stock quotes, charts, company descriptions and analysis, and more. The personalized My Stocks feature makes it easy for financial advisors to create custom portfolios of stocks and indexes that they want to monitor frequently, either for their own market tracking or on behalf of their clients.


The increasing importance of social media, as both a marketing tool and as a way to keep in touch with clients, is well-recognized within the financial service sector. Hootsuite is one of the more popular and easy-to-use social media management systems. Financial advisors can use Hootsuite to coordinate marketing across all their social networks from a single dashboard panel. Hootsuite can integrate all the usual social networks, including Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) and Google+ (NASDAQ: GOOG). It also offers a means of uploading content to sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Tumblr. The Hootsuite app offers analytics reports on the reach and effectiveness of messages spread across various social networks.

Kony Mobile Financial Advisor

Kony's Financial Advisor app can be very helpful to advisers in portfolio management, and in meeting with clients on the road. The app enables advisers to access real-time data on client portfolios, and to bring up colorful charts, graphs, and information tables on a smartphone or tablet to show clients exactly how their investments are performing.

Other apps that financial advisers may find useful include Dropbox, Skype, Quotestream, TimeTrade and Forbes' Investment Guide.