As technology continues to grow at an incomprehensible rate, connections between different tech sectors are only strengthening. The gaming industry’s growth has transcended beyond merely revolutionizing systems and software, as the demand for faster Internet has now become an intricate necessity. This is especially the case with the advent of the newest generations of video game systems, which require an Internet connection to carry out a number of basic functions. The introduction of social media and online streaming services onto these platforms has numerous tech companies attempting to get their piece of the expanding industry. From consumer demands for faster connection speeds, to social interactions, there is no denying that the popularity of online gaming has directly affected the Internet sector.

The most obvious division of the Internet industry that online gaming has influenced is the service-providing sector, which allows for any digital exchange to occur. As Internet providers clearly illustrate with their packages, gaming is a much more involved and straining activity on incoming bandwidth than merely surfing the Web or catching up on email correspondences. As players are interacting, exchanging information and drawing in more data, Internet service providers have taken evident steps to capitalize off the industry. After all, a weak connection will hinder, disrupt or completely ruin the entire experience for a gamer. Any player seeking to venture online will require a strong and constant connection. This leaves gamers with little alternative but to have one of the higher bandwidth packages and hand over more money to the provider.

But this phenomenon is not strictly limited to gaming on these new systems, as online content streaming has also become mainstream. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U all offer their share of content streaming. Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video are just a few of the many outlets that are profiting off gamers and families, who use these consoles to watch their services. While not directly participating in online gaming, any type of streaming requires increased and consistent Internet speed to perform properly. As a result, this is not only benefiting the streaming companies, but the Internet service providers once again. The advent of these numerous media outlets on new video game systems has also helped propel the era of online content streaming forward, as consoles are also being used to watch popular shows and movies.

However, streaming companies are not the only extension services available on these new systems. Social interactions are now a major part of online gaming and have changed how people communicate on the Internet. Gamers previously used online messaging systems and social media outlets to communicate. But now they are able to achieve all of this on gaming systems, via onscreen messaging interfaces or merely through the use of microphones. Although the days of traditional social media sharing and messaging are far from over, it is obvious that there is little use for the now outdated AOL Instant Messenger. However, social media outlets have certainly taken notice, as juggernauts, such as Facebook, have taken advantage of the online gaming boom and now offer gamers a means of directly connecting their accounts. In an increasingly networking industry, tech companies are forming links to further grow their financial aspirations.

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