Why should I keep track of my insurance policy?

The number one thing to remember about insurance is that, just like everything else, it changes over time. The top-of-the-line policy that you bought five years ago might not even be available or even used anymore. So, it's extremely important to review all of your insurance policies at least once every two years. 

7 Most important items to check on your insurance documents: 

1) Coverage Limits - have your needs changed since the last renewal?
2) Coverage Minimums (by law) - do you have adequate coverage, as required by your state of residence?
3) Deductibles - are you able to pay the deductible listed on your policy if needed?
4) Premiums - is your premium payment still competitive with the current insurance products?
5) Premium Discounts Available - have you asked for premium discounts for multiple policies with the same agent or insurer? (Read Bundle Your Insurance for Big Savings to see how to get the most out of your insurance discounts.)
6) Beneficiaries - when is the last time you reviewed your beneficiaries or checked that all members of your family were covered under the policy? (Read Update You Beneficiaries for more.)
7) Master List - what happens in the event of your death? How easy is it for your spouse or estate administrator to find all of your insurance documents; why not make a master list?

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