Within the technology sector, the electronics industry continues to experience growth as the technology that supports producing consumer staples such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers and computers constantly advances. The continuous development of semiconductors keeps competition strong within the industry, and electronics companies are among some of the strongest performers in the market over time. Investors interested in long-term growth through sector-specific investing can purchase shares of stocks or bonds of companies focused in the electronics or semiconductor industry.

As an alternative, mutual fund investments provide a diversified and efficient method to invest within the electronics and semiconductor sectors. The most popular electronics sector mutual funds by volume are Fidelity Select Electronics Portfolio, ProFunds Semiconductor UltraSector Investor, Fidelity Advisor Electronics Fund and T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund.

Fidelity Select Electronics Portfolio

The Fidelity Select Electronics Portfolio is widely known for its high-performance, low-cost model of mutual fund investment. The fund's investment objective is capital appreciation, and it diversifies its $2.33 billion in investor assets across companies focused on designing, manufacturing and selling electronic components. Both foreign and domestic equipment vendors, component distributors, electronic instruments and systems vendors compile the fund. Fidelity Select Electronics Portfolio has a relatively low expense ratio of 0.79% compared to other electronics sector funds, and its one-, three- and five-year annualized returns are 27.8%, 18.6% and 16.4% as of April 2015.

ProFunds Semiconductor UltraSector Investor

The ProFunds Semiconductor UltraSector Investor Fund has a narrow focus on the semiconductor industry with an investment objective of capital appreciation that corresponds to the Dow Jones U.S. Semiconductors Index. Fund managers aim to outperform the benchmark index by 1.5 times through daily investment returns of semiconductor companies in the United States. The fund has an above-average expense ratio of 1.73% compared to similar sector funds, but its returns have been relatively consistent. The one-, three- and five-year annualized returns are 34.8%, 19.5% and 16.8% as of April 2015.

Fidelity Advisor Electronics Fund

Similar to Fidelity's Select Electronics Fund, the Fidelity Advisor Electronics Fund invests primarily in companies that design, manufacture and sell the components necessary to produce electronic devices. The investment objective of capital appreciation is sought through diversifying at least 80% of the fund's investor assets in foreign and domestic companies in the electronics sector. The fund has an expense ratio of 1.39%, lower than the average for comparable sector funds, but is considered higher risk. The fund's one-, three- and five-year annualized returns are 27.3%, 17.8% and 15.6% as of April 2015.

T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund

The T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation through investing in the common stock of domestic and foreign electronics-focused companies. The fund invests at least 80% of investor assets in companies that generate revenue from developing, advancing and using technology, and it focuses investment in at least five countries at any given time. The fund's expense ratio is relatively low at 0.91%, and its annualized one-, three- and five-year returns as of April 2015 are 21.4%, 19.9% and 20.1%, respectively.

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