As of 2015, China, the United States and Germany are at the front of the pack in producing electronics on a global level. Maintaining its reputation for producing inexpensive consumer goods in large quantities, China contributes heavily to the electronics sector, as this is the country's most prominent export category. Though America's electronics industry has experienced a dip in employment in recent years, the United States comes in second and Germany in third.

China, the US and Germany Lead the Global Electronics Sector

Exports from China make up 8.7% of trade globally. Swift industrialization has made it possible for the country to leap to the top with carbon-intensive metal products jumping from 7% of its total exports to 12% within just 10 years. Though these numbers are impressive, electronics are still the most prominent exports among China's output. The massive manufacturing business has caused a dangerous increase in the release of greenhouse gases and fossil fuels in the country, an issue that may be solved by producing more eco-friendly technologies. In recent years, China has been trying to remedy the situation by implementing more energy-efficient manufacturing methods.

Growth in the U.S. manufacturing sector was recorded in July 2013. This was the second consecutive month in which such an increase was evident. The manufacturing industry has historically played an important role in the country's economy as it has made up 12% of the nation's total output in the past. The productivity of the different sectors in the American economy varies from state to state. Oregon currently produces the most electronic goods of any state. In 2011, Oregon's output reached $38 billion for electronics and computer-related products. Areas of technological concentration in Oregon are evident, as AT&T invested almost $80 million to provide more effective network service for those living within the state. Though the manufacturing sector hit hard times during the recession, when employment rates came back up, various states reached all-time highs in manufacturing productivity.

Germany profits a great deal from exporting goods to America and China. Electronics make up a large portion of the products sent to China, with overall output to the country increasing 15.9% in 2013. In 2014, for the first time, Germany exported more tech-related products to China than to the United States. The economies of China and Germany became further enmeshed when China became Germany's top investor on projects directly related to the tech industry. Electronics output has risen to make it the second-most prominent sector in the German economy, as measured by workforce employed due to the rapid growth of the microelectronics industry.