I've come into a large amount of money. Should I invest it or pay off my mortgage?

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February 2017
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There is no obvious answer. It all depends on your specific situation and your tolerance for investment risk.

From a pure economics standpoint, if you think that the after-tax return that you expect to earn from investing your new sum of money is higher than the after tax cost of the mortgage, then it makes sense to invest the funds rather than to pay off the mortgage. That's the theory.

In practice,you should consider where you stand on the financial life cycle. No matter what the economics, if you are close to retiring, getting rid of your debts should be a higher priority than if you are in your thirties for example. Additionally, managing funds requires investment skills and temperament that many people do not have. You also need a bit of luck. Going back in time a bit, if you were asking this question in November 2007 and had decided to invest, no matter what your level of investment skills, you would have quickly regretted not paying off the mortgage.

There is a risk with investing the funds that you do not incur by paying off the mortgage. Your level of risk tolerance matters. I hope this helps.

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