Morningstar, Inc. (MORN) is a leading provider of financial information via Internet, software and print-based products to individual, professional and institutional investors. Its largest competitors in the financial information sector are Bloomberg, L.P., MarketWatch, Inc. and Thomson Reuters Corp. (TRI).

Morningstar provides detailed financial data on about 500,000 stocks, mutual funds and other investment products for individual investors, financial advisors, asset managers, retirement plan providers and sponsors. It also delivers market data on more than 15 million indexes, equities, options and commodities. In delivering financial information to investors, Morningstar does business in the media, asset management and publishing sectors. It is a respected and reliable source of investment analysis; it produces approximately 4,100 manager research analyst reports that are widely used by investors to determine the investment quality of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. More detailed information is available through a subscription service, which is available at many public libraries. Morningstar’s revenue in 2014 was $760 million.


Bloomberg is a leader in the market for business media. In addition to its own syndicated news service and magazine, Bloomberg offers real-time financial news, market data and analysis via Bloomberg Television, radio and the Internet. The Bloomberg Terminal, a platform that streams and integrates price data, financial information and news to more than 250,000 customers worldwide, accounts for a substantial contribution to Bloomberg’s revenue. In its analysis, the company targets certain areas of interest, namely the tech sector, politics, sustainability and luxury. Its revenue as of October 2014 was $8.3 billion.

Thomson Reuters

In terms of market share, Thomson Reuters is Morningstar’s largest competitor. It is the market leader in the financial data sector, with a 2014 revenue of $12.6 billion. The company’s core strength is in providing financial information and services to businesses and individual investors across the world. Subscription sales numbering in the hundreds of thousands to its online financial services account for most of the company’s revenue. The company came into being in 2008 when Canadian information provider The Thomson Corporation acquired Reuters, a financial information company founded in London in 1851.