The trading of options has become increasingly popular among retail investors as they become aware of the different ways that options can be used to generate profits. The interesting thing about option strategies is that investors can use them in all types of market conditions; the primary question becomes which securities should be used when implementing a certain strategy.

Many beginning option traders quickly discover that not all securities have an option chain associated with them. This means there may be no options available to buy or sell on a certain security, leaving the investor no choice but to buy or sell the underlying instrument to get exposure. (To learn more about this subject, see What requirements must a company meet before exchanges will allow options on the company to be traded?)

The easiest way to find out which securities have options is to visit the websites of the exchanges where the majority of equity options are traded. The exchange listing has grown tremendously in recent years, with current primary operations at BOX Options Exchange LLC, Cboe Exchange Inc, Cboe BZX Options Exchange, Cboe C2 Exchange, Inc, Cboe EDGX Options Exchange, MIAX Options Exchange, MIAX PEARL, LLC, Nasdaq BX Options, Nasdaq GEMX, Nasdaq ISE,Nasdaq MRX, Nasdaq Options Market, Nasdaq PHLX LLC, NYSE American Options and NYSE Arca Options. 

Each website has a directory of options that are available for trading on that given exchange. For example, you can click here to go to the symbol directory for options listed on the CBOE Exchange Inc..