While a corporate finance job almost always involves accounting in some capacity, there are many additional job duties and responsibilities involved in this type of position. High level examples of these additional job duties and responsibilities include financial analysis and support; cash management and strategic planning; and team management.

Financial Analysis and Support

At the basic level of corporate finance jobs, in addition to basic accounting practices, a person is required to conduct data mining and management, document financial transactions, prepare financial reports and perform trend analysis.

A person should be able to collect and report on data but not necessarily make recommendations. Building a company's financial statements, which does include some accounting, and then performing low level trend analysis based on past data is important to a corporate finance job.

Cash Management and Strategic Planning

At the next level, a corporate finance job requires a person to actually manage a company's cash through the implementation and adherence of budgets. In addition, a person should be able to speak to any variances between budget numbers and actuals. Using these variances and the financial statements prepared by other corporate finance jobs, a person should be able to build financial forecasts.

Team Management

At the highest level, corporate finance employees such as controller or CFO are required to create multiyear financial plans that are used by all other corporate finance employees in a company. A person of this stature is the head manager of all the corporate finance employees within the company.

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