Can I return funds to my Roth IRA after I have taken it as a distribution?

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June 2018

Yes. You can roll over the amount to the Roth IRA, or another of your Roth IRAs (excluding inherited Roth IRAs), provided the amount is rolled over within 60 days from when you received the amount and the Roth IRAs were not involved in a rollover during the 12 months preceding the date of the distribution. This is because a Roth IRA can be involved in a rollover only once during a 12-month period. Roth conversions are not counted in this 12-month rule.

Eligible amounts that are rolled over within the 60 days are not subject to income tax or the early distribution penalty, even if the amount is a non-qualified distribution.

To lean more, see: Exceptions to the 60-Day Retirement Account Rollover Rule.

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