Many real estate agents are able to set their own hours, but they work on the weekends, because it is a convenient time for people to view houses. Over the weekend, a real estate agent can reach out to people who work Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

It may be easier for a seller to leave his or her home on the weekend for a long period of time so multiple showings can happen in one day. Additionally, an agent may have people coming to the area from far away, and the weekend is the only time they can travel to look at different properties. Most agents do not get paid until they make a sale, so having as many showings as possible is crucial.

In addition to working weekends, many agents have to make evening appointments when showing houses, because they are not able to get to the property during business hours. The amount of time and effort real estate agents put into their career determines how much money they make, along with the amount of commission they earn on each sale.

Not only do agents have showings and listing appointments on the weekends, but they also may need to spend time comparing properties, dealing with negotiations, filling out paperwork, scheduling inspections and doing other things that are related to the real estate industry. People entering the field as agents should expect to spend time working on the weekends and evenings if they want their business to strive and be successful.