Foreign visitors to Walmart locations in the United States can use their credit cards issued by banks outside of the United States. Walmart accepts international credit cards if they are affiliated with American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

Some Walmart stores may accept international credit cards issued by JCB and UnionPay (only those with the "UnionPay" logo on the front of the card and card numbers starting with "62") as well.

Key Takeaways

  • You cannot use your international credit card on
  • Walmart does not ship overseas.
  • If your international credit card is issued by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, you should be able to use it without issue at Walmart stores.
  • Chip and pin cards are accepted at most regional Walmart stores.
  • Always feel free to ask a Walmart employee if you can use your card.

Using Your International Credit Card at Walmart Stores

To be sure what credit cards are accepted at the Walmart store that you're visiting, consult the "We gladly accept" sign located at the store's entrance. The international financial institution that issued your credit card may require advance notification that you're traveling to authorize transactions abroad. Call the customer service line on the back of your card and notify the representative about your travel plans to prevent any problems.

The chip-and-pin cards are still relatively new in the U.S., as compared with Europe. Some Walmart pay terminals may ask you to provide a signature instead of your card's PIN, but most have adapted to the chip system. If you run into any issues when processing your card's chip, payment terminals at Walmart are still equipped with magnetic stripe readers. If your card has a magnetic stripe, you can use it as a backup plan for payment.

If you are unsure if your card will be accepted at a Walmart location, go to customer service and ask a Walmart associate or manager to help you.

Special Considerations

Unfortunately, you cannot use your international credit card to shop on, and Walmart's site only delivers orders to the 50 states, APO/FPO military addresses, and U.S. territories. does not accept the following forms of payment, according to the company, cash on delivery (COD) purchase orders, FSA cards, gift cards from other merchants, international credit cards, Electronic Benefits Transfer cards.

If you are traveling abroad and you expect to be shopping at Walmart stores during your trip, it may be easiest to purchase a Walmart gift card with cash when you arrive, and simply use it on your vacation to shop at Walmart stores. If you are planning to spend time on the road in the U.S., as part of your holiday, a prepaid Walmart gift card, is an easy way to shop without worrying if your international debit or credit card will be accepted. A Walmart gift card can be used at any Walmart location.