CareCredit’s health, wellness and personal care credit card is now accepted for prescriptions and general merchandise purchases in all of Rite Aid’s nearly 4,600 stores in the United States. While CareCredit is accepted at over 175,000 health care providers nationwide, the company is still working on expanding its network of pharmacies that accept the CareCredit card.


The CareCredit card is administered by Synchrony Bank, and it specifically targets people who spend a significant amount of money on health care, such as dental services, and cosmetic and dermatology procedures. The card is also suitable for people who incur expenses on veterinary services associated with treatment of their pets. CareCredit cannot be used outside of its network of health care providers that signed up to accept the card as a means of payment. CareCredit does not expire as long as a cardholder is in good standing.

CareCredit Financing Terms

Unlike other credit cards, CareCredit offers better financing terms on health care spending. For health care purchases in excess of $200, consumers can take advantage of a promotional period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. During this period, no interest is assessed as long as cardholders pay off their outstanding balances in equal fixed-payment amounts.

For financing terms greater than 24 months, CareCredit charges a 14% annual percentage rate (APR) on outstanding balances. For purchases in excess of $1,000, CareCredit has 24-, 36- and 48-month financing terms, while purchases in excess of $2,500 can qualify for the 60-month offer. CareCredit works with its cardholders in case they cannot meet their payment due dates by offering choices that fit cardholders' financial needs.