Best Buy has two credit cards available. One can only be used through Best Buy and its affiliates, and the other can be used at any retailer that accepts Visa.


Both cards are part of the My Best Buy rewards program and offer 5% cash back on purchases from Best Buy and its affiliates. Elite Plus members receive 6% cash back on Best Buy purchases. To become an Elite Plus member, cardholders must spend $3,500 or more at Best Buy or its affiliates in a calendar year. The first calendar year begins on the date a consumer is approved for the card, and it continues until the last day of the following February.

The Best Buy Visa card also offers cardholders one point for every $1 spent on dining and grocery purchases and one point for every $2 spent on everything else. This equates to 2 and 1% cash back, respectively. It offers various enhanced reward categories throughout the year, such as additional rewards for gasoline purchases.

Promotional Financing

Both cards currently offer six-month interest-free financing on purchases totaling $199 or more. An 18-month promotional offer is available for cardholders who make purchases totaling $479 or more. Both offers require the cardholder to pay the balance in full by the promotional end date, or interest will be charged from the date of purchase. By using the promotional financing, cardholders do not qualify for cash back rewards for that purchase.

Ways to Pay

Cardholders can make payments online through the Best Buy website, or they can pay their bills by cash or check in a Best Buy store. Statements arrive monthly by mail and include a return address for payment if cardholders do not choose the paperless option. Cardholders can also call the automatic telephone system and pay by check over the phone.

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