Apple Pay is a mobile payment system created by Apple to reduce the number of times shoppers and buyers have to pay for goods and services with cash or cards. Apple Pay is a free service that first became a standard feature on the iPhone 6 line, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and Apple Watch – the latter of which also enables capability in the iPhone 5 line when the two devices are paired.

Apple Pay Safety

In short, when questioned on its safety, Apple Pay seems to easily pass all of the tests. For starters, Apply Pay utilizes the fingertip touch ID technology to verify transactions. In addition, the system does not provide the cardholder's information directly to the merchant. Rather, Apple Pay employs a method of "tokenization" to process its payments. Instead of the typical account number transfer, the cardholder manually inputs her card information into the Apple Pay system, and the system converts, or rather replaces, the account number with detailed codes that can be easily transmitted between devices but are only used that one time. This greatly reduces any chance of a hacker gaining access to a cardholder's account by stealing the account number.

Apple has also incorporated a few other security measures into the system. If the user ever suspects or verifies insecure account activity, Apple Pay can be disabled through the iCloud system. Apple also guarantees its users it never shares card information across the Cloud, so while this means users have to manually enter their card information into each device separately, it also adds to the already extensive security measures.

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