Intel Corporation (INTC) is an American multinational corporation and the largest publicly traded semiconductor chip maker in the United States. It has six distinct operating segments, with at least one competitor in each.

In the PC client operating and revenue segment, Intel Corporation's most significant rivals are personal computer processor manufacturer Advanced Micro Devices; American multinational technology company IBM; and graphics processor and system-on-a-chip unit manufacturer, Nvidia.

In the DEG microprocessor segment, Intel's one major competitor is Microchip Technology (MCHP), an American producer of microcontrollers, memory and analog semiconductors.

In the DEG chipset, motherboard and another segment, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is Intel's most formidable rival overall. This competitor, previously mentioned as a rival in the PC client market segment, competes with Intel in several key markets.

In the data center group segment, Intel's primary competitors include EMC Corporation, an information infrastructure company; LSI Logic, which was acquired by Avago Technologies (AVGO) in May of 2014; computer storage and data management company, NetApp; and PMC-Sierra, the MIPS processor, and semiconductor producing company. Other significant rivals in this market segment include application delivery networking product producer, F5 Networks; American multinational computer technology company, Oracle (ORCL); and IBM (IBM).

In the flash memory segment, Intel has two competitors: the previously mentioned semiconductor company, Microchip Technology, and Micron Technology, the Boise, Idaho based semiconductor manufacturer that produces several types of memory.

Several competitors share the marketplace with Intel in the software services group, including Symantec, best-known for its security and backup services; cloud service provider Akamai Technologies (AKAM); designer and manufacturer of Internet protocol-based devices Cisco Systems (CSCO); independent software company, CA Technologies; and American software company, PTC. Several of the most well-known tech companies in the world also compete with Intel in this market, including computer giant Hewlett-Packard, software titan Microsoft and perhaps the most dominant tech company in the world, Google (GOOG).

Intel's Future Competition

In late 2018, Intel announced a new technology that will forever change how the company manufactures its chips in the future. The new tech is a 3D chip-stacking technology called Foveros, and it allows multiple logic chips to be stacked on top of each other for the first time. The evolution in technology will allow chip makers to mix and match technology IP blocks with various memory and I/O elements. This new method of building chips will no doubt be the catalyst for a variety of new applications and products, which will increase Intel's presence in the marketplace and increase its roster of competitors.