The range of products and services offered by Apple, Inc. (AAPL) is broad, and the company is a fierce competitor in several industries, ranging from personal computers to entertainment media to mobile payment systems. Below is a list of the technology giant's main competitors by industry.

Desktop and Laptop Personal Computers

While the personal computer running on Microsoft operating systems has remained a favorite of consumers since the 1980s, Apple has maintained a loyal following of users who report high satisfaction with the company's Macintosh computers ("Macs") and MacOS operating system. Major competitors in this space include Dell, Acer, HP, Sony and Toshiba.


The iPad revolutionized the Apple business model and spurred an entire industry of mobile computing imitators. Apple is by far the most profitable and biggest selling company in this field. Competitors include Alphabet Inc. (GOOG), Samsung, Microsoft and Nokia.


The smartphone industry was once dominated by Canadian giant BlackBerry Limited (BBRY) (formerly Research in Motion Limited). That changed  with the introduction of the Apple iPhone. The iPhone has literally decimated BlackBerry's business, forcing the company to restructure several times. Although it has over one-third of the U.S. smartphone market, and its models regularly occupy the top-selling spots, Apple now faces competition from the Android operating system, produced by Alphabet Inc.'s Google, which is installed on most non-Apple phones produced by Huawei, Samsung, Sony (SNE), HTC, Lenovo and others.

Entertainment Media and Applications

The two major players in this space are Apple and Google, with the Apple iOS running on its iPhones and iPods, and Google Android running on most competitor phones and tablets. Each operating system interfaces with iTunes and the Google Play Store, respectively, allowing users to purchase music, books, applications and other media.

Mobile payments

Apple entered the mobile payment industry in 2014 but has quickly become a titan in this arena. According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple Pay took on more than one million users in its first 72 hours, making it larger than "all competitors combined." Those key competitors in the mobile payment industry include PayPal and Google. According to research from fin tech analysts, Apple Pay has 86 million users (as of April 2017) and is the dominant player in the mobile payment industry. In contrast, Samsung Pay has 34 million users, and Android pay has 24 million users.

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