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Who are Microsoft's (MSFT) Main Competitors?

Microsoft's Competitors

Microsoft Corporation’s (MSFT) primary competitors include some of the most prominent technology companies in the industry. The list includes well-known brands such as Apple (AAPL), Google (GOOG), SAP SE (SAP), IBM (IBM) and Oracle (ORCL), among others. Because Microsoft is a diversified corporation that offers many types of products and services, the company faces stiff competition in several key areas of the technology sector.

Microsoft's Core Focus

Microsoft got its start by focusing on software, and although the company has branched out into other areas, it still has a strong emphasis in this field. Some of the most successful software corporations in the world, such as Oracle and the German firm SAP SE, compete directly with Microsoft for the lucrative business services market.

The Windows operating system is perhaps the best-known Microsoft product. Though Windows dominates the global OS field, the company competes with a number of smaller firms, such as Red Hat, that distribute open-source operating systems such as Linux.

Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft is also an important player in the hardware field. Its products includes tablets designed to compete with similar devices made by other companies, such as Apple. The company makes a variety of computer accessories as well, which brings it in direct competition with several firms that specialize in this area, such as Logitech.

Although Google's eponymous search engine dominates the field in the U.S., Microsoft is also a major force in online search with its Bing search engine.

Microsoft faces competitive pressures in all areas of its operations. The pressure comes from a diverse mix of technology companies, both large and small.

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