Monsanto (MON) is a multinational company that provides seeds and agriculture products to farmers worldwide. Its business is divided into two main divisions: seeds and genomics and agricultural productivity. It has a market capitalization of almost $50 billion and net sales of $13.5 billion for fiscal year 2016, a 10% decline from the year before.

Major competitors for Monsanto Company in the seeds and genomics space include multinational American giant Dow Chemical Company (DOW), agricultural genomics firm Evogene Ltd., and seed and chemical supplier Syngenta (SYT), based in Switzerland.

Major competitors for Monsanto in the agricultural productivity division include retail fertilizer and agricultural product supplier Agrium (AGU), insecticide and herbicide producer American Vanguard (AVD); fertilizer producer CF Industries Holdings (CF); nitrogen fertilizer producer CVR Partners (UAN), fertilizer and agricultural product producer Chinese Green Agriculture, fertilizer and chemical product producer Israel Chemicals; bio-based pest management product producer Marrone Bio Innovations; phosphate and potash miner The Mosaic Company; potash miner Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan; nitrogen fertilizer producer Rentech Nitrogen Partners; genomic company and herbicide producer Syngenta; nitrogen producer Terra Nitrogen Company; Eastman Chemical; Dow Chemical; FMC Corporation; and Honeywell International.

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