Stocks FAQs

  1. What are some examples of risks associated with financial markets?

  2. How do investment advisors calculate how much diversification their portfolios need?

  3. Is the banking sector a good choice for value investing?

  4. Can you buy penny stocks in an IRA?

  5. How is risk aversion measured in modern portfolio theory (MPT)?

  6. How does regulation impact the electronics sector?

  7. Why do companies enter into futures contracts?

  8. How do I build a profitable strategy when spotting a Stochastic RSI pattern?

  9. What is the average profit margin for a company in the telecommunications sector?

  10. How do I judge a mutual fund's performance?

  11. Why doesn't Warren Buffett split Berkshire Hathaway stock?

  12. What is the average profit margin for a company in the banking sector?

  13. How is the Average Directional Index (ADX) calculated and what is the formula?

  14. When can you trade the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)?

  15. How is the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) represented in the security market line (SML)?

  16. How do the risks of large cap stocks differ from the risks of small-cap stocks?

  17. What is the difference between ROCE and ROA?

  18. Does Warren Buffett invest in gold? Why or why not?

  19. In what situations does it benefit a company to buy back outstanding shares?

  20. Which investments have the highest historical returns?

  21. What is considered a good interest rate for a certificate of deposit (CD)?

  22. Which is more important - dividend yield or total return?

  23. Why did Warren Buffett invest heavily in Coca-Cola (KO) in the late 1980s?

  24. How do you calculate return on equity (ROE) in Excel?

  25. How are money market interest rates determined?

  26. Does working capital measure liquidity?

  27. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of using a Simple Moving Average (SMA)?

  28. How does a bull market in stocks affect bonds?

  29. How can a company increase its return on total assets?

  30. Why do investors buy fixed-income securities?

  31. What is the formula for calculating gross profit margin in Excel?

  32. What do economists believe causes economic growth?

  33. What are the most effective hedging strategies to reduce market risk?

  34. What is the difference between risk avoidance and risk reduction?

  35. To what extent are utility stocks affected by changes in interest rates?

  36. What countries have the largest gold reserves?

  37. How does the dividend discount method (DDM) work?

  38. What does a high-times interest earned ratio signify for a company's future?

  39. How is the price of a derivative determined?

  40. How is taxation treated during a company spinoff?

  41. What is the average P/E ratio in the financial sector?

  42. What happens to my 401(k) plan when it's frozen?

  43. How do EBIT and cash flow from operating activities differ?

  44. How do level I, level II, and level III ADRs differ?

  45. Why use bank guarantees in long-term project contracts?

  46. Do you include working capital in net present value (NPV)?

  47. Do penny stocks pay dividends?

  48. How do money market accounts work?

  49. Is it better to use fundamental analysis, technical analysis, or quantitative analysis to evaluate long-term investments?

  50. What level of return on equity is common for bank?

  51. What is the historical market risk premium?

  52. What are some of the best small-cap index funds?

  53. What is the average price-to-earnings ratio in the banking sector?

  54. What do you do if the intrinsic value of a stock is significantly lower than the market price?

  55. What is the difference between yield to maturity and the spot rate?

  56. Which is better: A high or low equity multiplier?

  57. What is the difference between an IPO and a seasoned issue?

  58. How do I calculate dividend payout ratio from a balance sheet?

  59. Should I invest in ETFs or index funds?

  60. How much can I borrow with a margin account?

  61. How does arbitrage and hedging differ?

  62. How can a company improve its economic value added (EVA)?

  63. How can derivatives be used to earn income?

  64. How can bond yields influence the stock market?

  65. How does a company's capitalization structure affect its profitability?

  66. What types of companies offer the most dividends?

  67. What is the difference between yield and dividend?

  68. What occurs when a security meets its strike price?

  69. What is the Difference Between Preferred Stock and Common Stock?

  70. Is negative alpha a signal to sell an investment?

  71. How can I use market capitalization to evaluate a stock?

  72. How do you transfer common stock from one broker to another?

  73. How do moving average convergence divergence (MACD) and relative strength Index (RSI) differ?

  74. What are the differences between closed-end and open-end investments?

  75. What is the average profit margin range for a financial services company?

  76. What does dividend per share tell investors?

  77. How does privatization affect a company's shareholders?

  78. How is the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) formula calculated?

  79. What is arbitrage?

  80. When does one sell a put option, and when does one sell a call option?

  81. The difference between a market order and limit order

  82. Understand the What and Why of Stock Splits

  83. What's the difference between a stop and a limit order?

  84. How does load factor impact airline profitability?

  85. How does Twitter make money?

  86. How Does Facebook Make Money?

  87. Does a high price-to-book ratio correlate to ROE?

  88. Who are the major airplane manufacturing companies?

  89. How does goodwill increase a company's value?

  90. What is the formula for calculating earnings per share (EPS) in Excel?

  91. What does it mean when my broker says that shares are for auction?

  92. Do ETFs generate capital gains for shareholders?

  93. What's the first stock Warren Buffett ever bought?

  94. When is a put option considered to be 'in the money?'

  95. What are some of the top hostile takeovers of all-time?

  96. How do economic value added and accounting profit differ?

  97. How do I access a company's earnings report?

  98. What is the average return on equity for a company in the retail sector?

  99. Who are Charles Schwab's (SCHW) main competitors?

  100. How do I use software to make arbitrage trades?

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